Racking and Shelving

Cantilever Racking - New & Used

Cantilever Racking - New & Used Cantilever racks are perfect for storing any long heavy items that must be kept off of the floor, such as lumber, pipes, steel bars, tubing etc. Cantilever racks are freestanding structures which can be configured to load from one or both sides of the tower. There are 4 basic components to a cantilever rack system: Uprights (or Towers) are the vertical portion of the system; Arms are the horizontal portion of the system and bear the storage load; Bases support the structure and are generally equal in length to the arms; Bracing can be set at different lengths to allow flexibility in storing material of different lengths.

Why Cantilever Rack?

Some materials or products might not store very well in a typical pallet racking system. For those odd materials that are too long or strangely shaped to maximize space in a conventional pallet racking system, cantilever fills the gap by providing a storage space unhindered by vertical uprights in the load area.

If you are in the business of storing unconventional or stock materials that cannot be stored with conventional shelving or racking systems, talk to us about designing and installing a cantilever system. Speedrack west, located in the Portland Oregon Metro area, offers new and used cantilever rack as well as custom fabrication services in our workshop and expert assistance in planning and designing a system that matches your specific needs or materials.