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Pallet Racking - Beams

Pallet Racking - Beams Speedrack West carries new and used pallet rack cross beams in a wide variety of sizes and brands, including the most popular sizes of 96”, 108” and 144”. Our inventory includes step, box, and structural load beams. Step beams have a small “step” along the top inside edge, generally 1 5/8” wide, to allow use of pallet support beams or wire mesh decking. Structural beams are usually used with structural frames, but can be used with other uprights, and generally have a higher weight capacity than step or box beams with a similar face size. Box beams have 4 flat sides with no step. All beams generally mount to a frame with integrated rivets, though some systems utilize hooks or clips. We also offer custom fabrication at our shop in the Portland Oregon Metro Area, to fit your exact needs and specifications.