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Pallet Racking - New & Used

Used Pallet Racking - New Pallet Racking Pallet rack systems are a space-saving material handling and storage method that is used to store pallets, products, equipment or boxes within a warehouse. The addition of a pallet racking system makes a warehouse far more organized and efficient. These units are typically modular and available in a number of racking styles, so that warehouse managers can organize and sort, store and pull products or materials based on their business needs. Pallet racking is a simple method warehouse managers can use to sort and store their products in an easily accessible manner within the allotted space provided by their warehouse.

You can select from a number of pallet racking systems based on the size of your warehouse, and the needs of your business. Drive-in and drive thru systems are best when you need a high volume storage space, but need to access that material with a forklift. Drive-thru systems can accommodate a storage depth of up to six pallets deep and are designed to allow a forklift to drive through them. If you are interested in picking product as efficiently as possible then pallet flow rack may be for you. Also called dynamic or gravity flow systems, pallet flow systems utilize an inclined rail with rollers that allow pallets to move easily along the sloped plane. Push back systems are ideal for businesses that need to store multiple varieties of products on pallets in one location in storage. By far the most common, and our specialty here and Speedrack, selective pallet racking provides quick access to all pallets or boxes for quick identification and picking of material or product.

Why Selective Pallet Racking?

Simply put, selective pallet racking systems are the most versatile material handling systems available. Their ease of installation and use, and the highly customizable nature of their design, make accommodating the product organization and storage needs of a warehouse quick and painless. Pallets or other materials can be stored so that product names or SKUs can be easily accessed and accurately read during order picking, audits or inventory assessment. Pallets and boxes can be stored in this system smoothly and efficiently, and these systems take full advantage of the height of your warehouse, preserving space for the safe operation of your forklifts and employees. Selective racking systems are also not permanent fixtures, allowing a team of professional to relocate or reconfigure the system as the needs of your business change.

Speedrack west can assist you in designing, planning and installing a selective pallet racking system. Not only can we help you go through the sometimes difficult process of permitting and seismic assessment, but we will ensure that the racking you receive is the precise system that will meet the needs of your business. Beyond out ability to deliver these services at a reasonable price, we specialize in customizing the racking to fit specific dimensions, in order to best utilize your available space. The bottom line is ths: your bottom line. Speedrack west has one of the largest inventories of Used racking in Portland Metro Area and greater the Pacific Northwest; that saves you money.