Value-Added Services

If you are new to the pallet rack world, chances are the prospect can be a little daunting. Allow us to assist you. Speedrack West can provide comprehensive value-added services to help assure your project goes smoothly. Our professional assistance can help guide you through the process of designing and furnishing a new warehouse, from the layout to permitting and all the way up to installation. Simply contact us, or follow the “Get a Quote” link and fill out our quote form, and note that you require assistance with any or all of the following areas:

Warehouse Layout Consultation

Most projects start with a plan, and a well planned project is the key to successful implementation of your material handling system. To ensure your new facility operates as smoothly as possible, Speedrack West offers Warehouse Layout Consultation by our team of Industry professionals. Flow of product, optimum usage of available space, ease of storage and access, and sufficient work space for the safe operation of forklifts and employees are among the considerations that go into the planning of a well-designed warehouse. 30 years of experience in designing and equipping warehouses give Speedrack West the unique insight required to address all these concerns, and balance them into a functional and efficient warehouse layout.


The most difficult part of setting up your warehouse or racking system can be cutting through all the red tape. Speedrack West can assist you in navigating the permit process, or if you prefer we can handle the permitting completely. Years of experience in the industry has given our team the knowledge needed to prepare and submit permitting applications that will be quickly approved. Let that experience work for you; spend less time shuffling paper and more time getting your job done.

Seismic Assessment

The International Builders Code requires that a thorough seismic evaluation be performed by a Seismic Engineer before any permits for building can be issued. This can be perhaps the most daunting aspect of the permitting process. As most businesses do not typically have a Seismic Engineer on staff, they are forced to hire outside help to perform the complex calculations required to complete the assessment. Speedrack West is happy to offer Seismic Assessments through one of our contracted Engineers as an additional service that can be added to any system you purchase from us. Speedrack works with several certified and highly-qualified seismic engineers who specialize in racking and warehouse applications. Our engineers will have your seismic assessment done quickly and correctly, and ready for submission in half the time it takes to locate and hire an engineer on your own.

Installation and Special Inspection

The set up of your material handling system is a crucial part of your warehouse operation. Proper installation can mean the difference between a long-lived system or a damaged rack. Speedrack can provide installation assistance services by our team of professionals who will ensure your rack is set up correctly and safely, ensuring that your system will last years into the future. The final part of the permitting process takes place during installation, and is called a Special Inspection. This inspection must be performed to ensure that the proper anchors for the storage system are installed correctly. Allowing us to assist you in the installation and special inspection can save you time and a lot of potential headaches. Moving or tearing down an old system? We can help with that too. One of the benefits of selective pallet rack is its portability; take full advantage of that adaptability with our professional installation assistance.