Used Pallet Racks and Racking

Things You Must Know about Used Pallet Racks and Racking

used pallet racks rackingPallet racks are gaining popularity in warehouse storage because of their wide range of coverage. A pallet rack is primarily designed to solve your storage problem as it can handle heavy duty items and they are convenient to use during loading and unloading. Its application can fit all kinds of products and goods from boxes, crates to furniture. One of the most common types of racks is the used pallet racks and racking which can easily be lifted without cracking your bones.

How Does Used Pallet Racks and Racking System Works?

In handling warehouse storage, used pallet racks and racking is exactly what you are looking for. Its design is intended to hold heavy items with its sturdy horizontal levels to make your warehouse neat and organized. The capacity of the pallet racks would depend entirely on the type of materials, frames and beams. Large volumes of things are stored and secured during loading and unloading by allowing the lift truck to either push or remove the pallets. Most of the materials used in pallet racks are metals, aluminum, plastic or wood. The pallets are individualized and then fused into the large rack where there is multiple shelving to store the products.

Here are some types of used pallet racks:

  • Selective Racks
  • Drive-in and Drive-through
  • Push-Back Racks
  • Flow Racks

Uses of Used Pallet Racks and Racking System

Most business owners prefer to install used pallet racks and racking system for the following reasons:

  • They provide ample storage
  • They can store huge and variety of things in the pallets
  • It is accessible and reachable without moving other items
  • It is flexible
  • It is time-saver

Pallet racks are practical option when storing various articles or things in the warehouse. For one, it has large shelving through its multiple tiers. Its depth can accommodate all sorts of things without removing other items. Their deck which is usually made of wire mesh has the ability to support and hold various items. For a regular inventory of your products, this type of racking system works best. No wastage of time when sorting out and calculating your supply or goods. Call us now at 503-640-5666 for more details.