About Us

Quality material handling products & services for almost 40 years.

Our Purpose

Speedrack West exists to drive progress forward. At the heart of it, we’re builders. We want to solve your storage and material handling problems to help you and your company scale up. Because you’re doing amazing things. You’re building something great, and we want to help.

Our Values

Be Problem Solvers

At our core, we’re problem solvers. That’s who we are. We find solutions to warehouse storage and material handling problems. Many customers have known us as a friendly place to get new and used pallet racking and warehouse shelving. However, people in the industry have known Speedrack to be the source for custom warehouse solutions. Our in-house fabrication team has been the core of our unique offering to our customers. From custom-sized pallet rack, to specialized carts and tables, we take pride in developing the perfect solution for your problem.

Be Good People

We hire “Good People”, we work with good people, and we strive our best to be Good People. Life is too short to deal with difficult people. There’s too much lying and cheating going on in this world, and we want no part of that. We won’t lie to you to just to win your business (that happens a lot in this industry, so please watch out). We’d rather tell you the honest truth and help a fellow human, than to win a sale and feel dirty inside. That’s just who we are.

Take Care of Each Other

We’ve been family owned for decades. Whether you work with us as our customer, or join our team as an employee, you’re part of our family. And we take care of family. Anyone can sell you steel, but it’s what happens after the sale that matters. If you just need advice, we’ll tell you what you need to know. Alternatively, if you have a problem with an order then we want to fix it. If a member of our team needs help, we’re there to assist. Whether we’re talking about life at home or life at work, we believe in putting Family First.

Our Story

Since 1984, Speedrack West (a division of Storage and Handling Systems, Inc.) has been providing material handling solutions to the western United States. Speedrack was initially started in Hillsboro, Oregon and served the Portland Oregon metro area. Since that time, Speedrack has expanded to serve the Western United States, including Oregon, Washington, and California. In 2017, the company came under new ownership and new management. At that time, we also relocated from Hillsboro, OR to North Plains, OR. This expansion has allowed us to provide a better customer experience and a wider selection of products. We’re proud to be a WBENC certified Woman Owned Small Business.

Our People


Brittany J.

Chris Jones – Profile – Square

Chris J.

Vice President
Shannon Willems, Speedrack West

Shannon W.

Operations Manager

Scott D.

Sales Manager

Ron C.

Production Manager

Ivan K.

Marketing Manager

Carl J.

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