A Food Bank Has a Need – Town Council Donates 1k Towards Shelving Rack

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A Food Bank Has a Need – Town Council Donates 1k Towards Shelving Rack

Here is a nice story about a community coming together to make sure a food bank has what it needs in order to help the community.

A food bank found itself in need when it was determined that it should have a place where it could store and give out food. It does not receive regular funding and relies on donations only. Its own city council stepped up by donating £800 to buy industrial strength shelving. It also received a place from a local church from which to operate. Finally, its local rotary club donated time to build the food bank shelving racks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ilkley Food Bank does not receive any regular funding and functions solely on donations. It required a one-stop-shop where it could store and distribute food.
  • The Ilkley Town Council donated £800 and All Saints Parish Church donated a room.
  • The money was used to buy rack shelving which the Rotary Club of Ilkley Wharfedale gave time to build.


Quote: “The Food Bank receives no specific regular funding although donations have been received in the past from Burley Festival and Menston Methodist Church. It was recently decided that the Food Bank would benefit from moving to one dedicated premises where food could be stored and distributed – essentially a ‘one-stop shop’.”(Lomax, 2020)

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