Australia’s Doomsday Network Illustrates the Surprising Need for Pallet Rack

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Australia’s Doomsday Network Illustrates the Surprising Need for Pallet Rack

Doomsday Network

Australia has, secretly, been preparing for a pandemic for awhile with a doomsday network. Moreover, the stockpile is worth 1 billion dollars according to the article. In addition, it is meant for defense against terrorism or biological attacks. Therefore, the issue of the Coronavirus has brought it into the light. The Health Minister visited the doomsday network to make sure they are ready for that type of problem. Subsequently, the photo shows rows and rows of pallet racks ready for an emergency. Finally, the article says that the racks are 80% filled with pharmaceuticals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coronavirus has forced Australia to check its preparedness for a pandemic. The Health Minister released a photo of shelves upon shelves of an industrial rack filled with pharmaceuticals.
  • The stockpile is worth one billion dollars according to the article.
  • The article says that 80% of the racks contain pharmaceuticals.

Quote: “Health Minister Greg Hunt gave a rare glimpse inside one of the warehouses last week when he posted a photograph during a tour of a facility. It revealed a row of industrial shelving piled floor-to-ceiling with shipping pallets stacked with cardboard boxes tightly bound in plastic wrapping.” (Seo, 2020)

Link to article:

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