Bad Mobile Shelving Racks – A Sure Fire Way to Make a Chef or Culinary Student Mad

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Bad Mobile Shelving Racks – A Sure Fire Way to Make a Chef or Culinary Student Mad

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One of the biggest annoyances for a culinary student or a chef, in general, is the flimsy rolling shelving kits they can, sometimes, run into while working on a job. Every chef has worked with one in the past. It is a shiny chrome shelving unit with wheels that has rounded sides. Unfortunately, the mobile food service shelving always feels like it is a few seconds away from buckling or throwing food everywhere. The unit feels like that because does not have a great design for this type of work. It tends to feel cheap when used for this purpose. In fact, most people would not dare put a box full of onions but the bottom or the middle. The reason why is the fear that the shelf would tip over. All in all, it is a piece of equipment that does not feel professional at all.

Do culinary workers like the shelving unit?

Given the chance and/or the choice most chefs and culinary students would avoid that shelf just because it never feels sturdy enough to do the job. If you have spent a lot of money on meat and you have to prepare it. The last thing you want to do is worry about losing that product because of tips or spills. The worrying usually begins when you realize that you have to drive this shelf. You have to push it carefully enough to get it to where it needs to go for prep. If you are transporting a heavy piece of equipment then you are just hoping that wire mesh is going to hold until you get to where you are going.

Maybe it is time to move away from that wire rack because it was never meant to handle the rigors of a true kitchen. A kitchen where several pounds of meat need to be transported along with a lot of produce at the same time. It is time to move to a rolling shelf that can handle up to 350 lbs per shelf without feeling like it is about to crumble under the weight.

Number of shelves:

The shelf is made to have 5 shelves in total. However, for what you do, you are probably are not going to need more than 3. You could put things on the higher levels but getting some product above your head with a fair amount of weight could be a problem. If you happen to run into a bump in your kitchen. It will handle the bump better than the chrome shelving unit you may already have on hand. As a result, the extra weight and structure makes the unit more stable than its counterpart. Yet, it is best not to push your luck because anything falling off will likely hurt or injure you.

What to keep in mind

Honestly, this product is tall so you will have to keep that in mind. You should make sure that this shelving unit fits your workspace. However, it feels well made and sturdy. The edges may feel sharper just because they end on a flat edge whereas the other chrome one has rounded edges. There are holes for which you can hang things or move shelves around. Therefore, you may have to be cognizant of those. Pressure plus a finger caught in a hole equals an injury. It is also feasible, but unlikely, that an article of clothing could get caught in a while but there are no reports of this happening so far. It also will feel heavier than the chrome wheeled commercial food storage racks that you may be used to pushing around.

If you dislike the chrome shelving unit present in most kitchens then this might be a good alternative as long as you keep those things above in mind. It is a sturdy, well-made shelving unit with wheels that can handle a decent amount of weight on its shelves. If you need a more reliable option then you should have a look at the product here.

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