FIFO System | Pallet Flow Racks | Industrial Food Storage and Use

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FIFO System | Pallet Flow Racks | Industrial Food Storage and Use

FIFO is the mantra that almost any food operation worker knows. First in and first out. However, how does that work with racks? We all know you can stack them and they can go higher and higher, that is until the Fire Department says you cannot go any higher. (If you have ever been told that then you should talk with us. We can help you figure out what you need and how high you can stack your product.) Would it not be great to have a storage system that does that for you?

Pallet Flow Rack and Efficiency:

A pallet flow rack may be just what you need in order to get your business as efficient as possible. You do not even have to use electricity to get the next pallet to move up because gravity will, automatically, pull the next one down when you sell or use the item in front of it.

FIFO storage as a gravity flow rack or pallet flow rack

Picking and Packing the system:

How do you pack it so that the system works in a FIFO style? You load the newest first so that the older ones are in the front and are easily pulled away from the rack and used so that they, theoretically, at least, do not expire before they are used. What happens if you get a new product in and you need to reload the rack? Ideally, these systems are open on both sides so that one side can have the product removed and the other can load new products that are newer. For example, the you remove product one side of the rack. You use the other side to refill the rack. Therefore, the system is always following the first in first out racking procedure. The old product leaves the shelf in an order that allows the product line to stay fresh as long as the market can support it.

Let us not forget, if you are following a FIFO system, then you probably have a government agency overseeing your production and shipping via expiration dates, most likely through inspections. You run a business and running a business is complex. Might as well take away another thing you have to think about so that you save some precious time and brain waves for things that increase the revenue and put more green in your pocket. The stuff that is fun to think about, for the most part, instead of the stuff you have to think about like FIFO and FIFO pallet racking systems.

If you have a need for a FIFO based pallet flow rack then you should talk to us to work out the logistics of what you need and what you can and cannot do. Call us using the number in the footer. We are more than happy to help you.

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