Garage Pallet Racks for Home Based Businesses

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Garage Pallet Racks for Home Based Businesses

Garage Pallet Racks

Not ready to leave your garage for a warehouse? Do you still need an industrial storage solution even though you would not consider yourself big enough to warrant a move? You can still get commercial level storage shelving or racks for your business and/or hobby if you need it. You may have to dig through the consumer level products to find it but once you do then you will see that you can have premium industrial strength storage in a somewhat confined space. Garage pallet racking is the answer you seek.

Will the rack be any different than the rack you find elsewhere? The answer is that it will probably be shorter because you are not dealing with the high ceilings that most places warehouses contain. It might mean that your rack may have to be specially made for your purpose. However, that does not mean that it will lack the per level strength of its bigger counterparts. You will still have the advantage of being able to load 2500 lbs. per level as long as the height allows the pallet rack to be able to structurally handle it. Situations change from place to place. The best way to find out what you can get is to deal with a company that works with pallet racking all the time.

Vertical storage and garages:

Of course, you have to consider that your vertical storage height will be limited when installing pallet shelves for garages. Garages are not as big as warehouses in any way shape or form. It may mean that you cannot and should not use the top of the rack to store items. It all depends on the makeup of your garage and what you are trying to store. You may not be able to get all the products you hope you could but you will get a lot more products or items there than you would have if you went with a more traditional consumer-level shelving product.

“If you are getting products in then you will want your own pallet jack to help move things around. It is especially useful if you are thinking about moving into a warehouse in the future.”

Do you need a permit to have a pallet rack in your home? The question is a harder one to answer. Every local government is going to have a different set of rules for what can and cannot be done. The long story short is that you should check with your local government and your HOA. An HOA may take an issue if you are going to have to store your rack outside while you set things up. It is best if you tell them about it ahead of time. It is probably better than getting fined or talked to about your rack by an HOA.

If you are going to have a pallet rack then you may want to consider having a pallet jack. A pallet jack is a must for any warehouse especially if that warehouse is receiving the product. Therefore, if you are getting products in then you will want your own pallet jack to help move things around. It is especially useful if you are thinking about moving into a warehouse in the future. You may as well set yourself up for success by getting what you need ahead of time. You just need to make sure you have enough room to store it.

If you need help selecting the pallet rack size appropriate for your needs or you just want to get help for the whole thing then give us a call. You can call us. Use the phone number in the footer to talk to us. We will be more than happy to assist you as much as possible with your home-based business storage needs. We can also help with storage needs for your particular hobby. Find out if garage pallet racks are right for you.
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