Good Shelving for a Culinary School

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Good Shelving for a Culinary School

One of the biggest pet peeves of most students at a culinary school is the flimsy food service shelving used in the school. There are so many students around the school that the rolling shelves used for food production make no sense. It is because they have to hold more than their fair share of the product. The products pushed around range from various meats, boxes full of onions, potatoes, vegetables, etc. These shelves, sometimes, all have to serve 30 to 50 culinary students in the same room. Pulling the shelves around other students while balancing things on the carts is horrendous. Frankly, it is a bad experience most of the time.

If you want to maximize the potential of getting referrals and testimonials then it might be smart to look into the comfort of the people who are paying into your system. The little things like a well made shelving cart on wheels can make all the difference. Getting the chrome-based rolling cart for a school is popular. However, that is not the best thing for your business. Moreover, it has troubling handling the high volume/high capacity work. Fine intricate food is also a problem.  That food is from the people who are near graduation. They need to show that food to their instructors. Allowing one dish to fall to the floor is a massive problem that should be avoided.

people who would rather not use food service shelving found in culinary schools

What is the problem with the food service rolling racks that are being used now? Most of them say that they are storage units. The design of the shelves favors sitting in one place. Rolling around like a cart is not the intended usage. It is probably why it feels terrible and is a bad experience to try to use them for the use cases that students of culinary institutes find themselves in every day. The truth is that a rack will move. It will probably move several times before the day is done. Having a sturdy shelving kit with wheels would be preferable to the chrome-round carts you find in most schools.

If you want to have an edge on other schools then you should consider a cart for your culinary school that feels like it can take a bump. Assuming that a cart is not going to absorb a bump is crazy. Akin to closing your eyes and trying not to run into a wall of a place you have never been to before. It is going to happen and making sure that it is not that big of an incident for the students could be the difference between getting referrals or a bad review that keeps people away from your school.

If you want a sturdy shelving kit on wheels that can handle a bump and feels strong then have a look at our food service rolling storage racks.

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