Hillsboro Industrial Racking – Local or Delivered?

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Hillsboro Industrial Racking – Local or Delivered?

Is the racking company actually in your area?

One of the most important questions to ask is actually one of the questions that makes the most common sense. Is the racking company actually in your area? The necessity of asking this question can vary based on what you actually need in your business. It does make sense to get your rack from outside of your particular state if time is not at issue. It can make sense if that rack is cheaper and can be shipped for a lower price. However, the most obvious answer to that question is that local is probably going to be cheaper. Any rack located outside will have some possibility of degradation. The degradation could happen from the time in storage or in the transport of the rack to your business itself. The last thing you want is for the rack to get damaged. Especially if it is coming from very far away to Hillsboro, Oregon. It will be harder to return. Moreover, it will take even longer to get a new one to replace the previous one. All in all, you are probably going to have a better time finding and procuring an industrial-strength pallet rack from somewhere close to Hillsboro.

Hillsboro Industrial Racking

What type of rack do you need?

You should have a good idea of what type of rack you actually need. You should know this before you buy one. The truth is that there are many different types of pallet rack. It is popular to think that pallet rack only comes in the form that you find in places like Home Depot. The truth about that is that most of the stores have a version of pallet rack. They, usually, have the most common form of pallet rack. The most common version of the pallet rack you will find out there is the selective rack. Selective rack is similar to the kind of shelves you have at home. You can place your products or items on the shelves as you wish. Therefore, the selectivity of the shelf is high. It is the reason that selective rack is called a selective rack. Out of all the Hillsboro industrial racking choices, this is the most common because of versatility.

“Is the racking company actually in your area? The necessity of asking this question can vary based on what you actually need in your business.”

However, that may not be the best type for your business. If you are a food-related business then you probably have to follow in the first in – first out systems in order to avoid the problem of having expired food in your warehouse. There is a very specific type of pallet rack that is best for this operation. The pallet rack type is a pallet flow rack. You may also hear of it referred to as gravity flow rack. They both mean the same thing and are almost essential for a business that needs to follow FIFO guidelines. The pallet rack is good at this because you load product into the back of the rack. The oldest of the products goes in the front where it can be picked. Gravity then pushes the next oldest to the front where it is designated as the next unit to be used for an order, pick up, or whatever business you have with the product or pallet.

If you have long heavy products like steel, piping, lumber, or whatever the case may be then a cantilever rack is probably the pallet rack you need for your business. You sometimes see this style of rack referred to as I-beam rack since cantilever racks can hold products on the front and back of their structure. It is a heavy-duty rack that does well handling those long and heavy loads. They can be used to hold just about anything as long as they are long and heavy. You sometimes see these used in mortuaries for holding coffins and you can find them in junkyards holding cars. The application of cantilever racks, as long as the right style is selected for consideration to the load requirements, is very nearly up to your creativity.

You do have to keep in mind that there are permitting issues if the rack does not have the proper seismic testing and/or calculations to go along with it.

You also have a pushback rack which is very similar to pallet flow or gravity flow racks. However, they do the reverse of a pallet flow rack as far as FIFO guidelines are concerned. Businesses that use pushback rack are looking for a high-density system that will allow them to put a lot of products or pallets in a very small area. A pushback rack is loaded from the front of the system and is also picked from the front of the system. Therefore, the newest on the shelf is usually the first to leave. Obviously, this makes a lot of sense if the timing is not an issue for your product.

Used or new Hillsboro industrial racking?

You also have to ask yourself if you want a new or used version of a pallet rack. If you are working with a reputable company then you can get away with getting either of these types. You do have to keep in mind that there are permitting issues if the rack does not have the proper seismic testing and/or calculations to go along with it. It is one of the reasons that you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable seller. They should have some skin in the game as it were. The skin in the game will be their reputation which they have worked long and hard to build over time. Risking that would be a major misstep which is something you can hang your hat on if push comes to shove. The fact is that there are racks in the marketplace right now that do not have any seismic testing or calculations. It could be that the rack you are looking at has failed an inspection and is unusable by that particular business.

Reasons why there are no seismic calculations:

The process of getting seismic calculations and/or modifying that particular rack may be too expensive for them. Therefore, they may be trying to sell you a rack that you cannot use either depending on where you are located. If you do not have any seismic issues where you live then you might be okay. However, here in Oregon, anything over or near 5’9″ is very likely to need seismic calculations. You have to make sure that your pallet rack has seismic calculations or you may be facing a very challenging issue that could cost you a lot of money. It is true for any local government that knows there is seismic activity and not just where you use your Hillsboro industrial racking.

If you want to skip all the hassle of trying to figure out if the rack you are looking for can be used as your Hillsboro industrial racking then what you have to do is simple. You will want to call us using the number in the footer.  You check out our pallet rack in that link there. We would love to help you.

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