How to Find that Elusive Short Pallet Rack and What You Need to Look Out For

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How to Find that Elusive Short Pallet Rack and What You Need to Look Out For

You are in need of short pallet racks. The problem is that everyone seems to be selling the big boys in the marketplace. Everyone wants to show a full-sized pallet rack on their website which is not what you need. You need a short pallet rack or racks. It could be your warehouse is small. Maybe you just are not ready to have that full of a pallet rack. Whatever the case happens to be, you have found it hard to find what you need. It is because people are not showing you what you want on their site.

The question is if you can get a rack custom cut down for you in a safe way. The answer is yes as long. If you have it done by a reputable company. A cut-down pallet rack might work. However, safety would be a massive issue for you. You also have to consider permits which we will get into later. Safety is the bigger issue here as that would be the issue for permits as well. Pallet racks have a specific design. The design prefers being a full unit. Having one cut down, DIY style might derail the inherent design of the pallet rack depending on how it is cut down. Mistakes and stability is a massive concern. The person cutting has experience with pallet racks for your own safety and your employees’ safety. All in all, if you are going to have something done like this then it is best to ask a professional team who knows what they are doing so that you can avoid a pallet rack collapse on you, your team, or your clients. All of those things are embarrassing and some of them can be a cause for litigation which is something you want to avoid.

Used or New?

If you are talking about cutting down a pallet rack then you should know that we are probably talking about a used unit here which has its own set of worries. Has it ever suffered from a collision before? Would the previous owner tell you of the previous damage? Did it have problems? All sorts of problems can exist with that particular rack. If you are buying the used unit and having someone else cut down the unit then can you trust the other person doing the cutting? You have just increased the factor of error by two. You are going to be much safer for buying new if all things are equal.

Permitting Process:

Finally, you have to consider the permitting process. It all ties back into safety and that is what they are really trying to find out when they give you a permit. Is it actually a safe pallet rack that no one is going to get hurt using? If you have done any of the previously mentioned ways of getting a short pallet rack that does not include a professional team or business looking at the rack, or making sure that it can be permitted in your location, then you are going to have problems. The last thing you need is small warehouse racking you cannot use. What is even worse is that you will be forced to store it or sell it off to someone else who can get it permitted. You have to keep in mind that you probably had products on that rack as well. You will have to store the rack and your product which is, probably, the room you do not have available in the first place and why you are looking for a short pallet rack.

If you are looking for short pallet racks then you just need to make sure that you are getting it from somewhere reputable. If you do not then you need someone reputable watching your back so you do not lose money in the process and get small warehouse racking that will, ultimately, end up on your floor unused because of permitting issues.

Are you looking for a short pallet rack? Give us a call and see what we can do for you. You can also visit our pallet rack page and see if we have something that can accommodate your needs natively.

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