Industrial Cantilever Racks With Industrial Strength – Does that Strength Really Mean?

Industrial Cantilever Racks With Industrial Strength – Does that Strength Really Mean?

Industrial Cantilever Racks
I need an industrial strength cantilever. What strengths are available for cantilever racks?

The arm capacity of these industrial cantilever racks can be as low as 1500 lbs. However, they can go up to 5000 lbs per arm. The strongest arm you can get is 18,000 lbs per arm. Of course, you have to think about how much the upright can handle as well. A well made upright can handle 5,000 to 15,000 lbs per side. The largest you will find will hold 56,000 lbs of weight. Therefore, it depends on what your definition of “industrial strength” is when you think about these racks. They all are strong but it just needs to be strong to a level that suits your wants and needs for this particular moment.

Am I going to need a permit for anything that big and strong?

In general, most pallet racks need permitting, therefore, it is smart to work with a business that understands your needs and your permit issues. Permitting can be a long and frustrating process but there are tips and tricks to getting it done far less painfully. You may as well get the help that will help you keep your sanity and your mind on better things like growing your business.

How tall can this thing be, anyway?

You can find cantilever racks that are between 6ft to 30ft tall. However, most people find that they can meet their needs with a cantilever rack that is 12 to 16ft tall. It is, at least, the most likely kind that a person needs or wants in their business when they are calling about getting cantilever rack in their own businesses. Everything depends on you and your unique situation, however. Maybe you need less industrial cantilever racks or smaller sizes but it is hard to judge over the internet.

Do I really need a cantilever rack?

Cantilever racks are an important part of many businesses. The truth is that this is a very niche product at the same time. Why? The very nature of cantilever racks makes them that way. The businesses that use this type of rack are businesses that have a very long product. The most common types of products put on these racks are pipes and lumber. It is not to say that other businesses could not use these racks but it is far less common to see them and, honestly, it would take creativity for them to work in other business systems. If your product is long and does not fit the traditional pallet racks then you probably need this rack to hold your product.

Do you need a good industrial strength cantilever rack in your business? Click that link or talk to us about your needs. You can talk to us by calling. You can find the number in the footer of this website.

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