Industrial Shelving for eCommerce – Part 1

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Industrial Shelving for eCommerce – Part 1

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Amazon FBA Secret – Nexus Established Where Your Product is Housed

The truth about doing Amazon FBA is that Amazon establishes a nexus, a fancy word for, “We can charge you and your customer sales tax now,” in whatever state you happen to have your product in an ecommerce warehouse with Amazon. Your product in those states could end up being a large bill. It is a problem if you are not ready for the taxes associated with doing business in that particular state. If you have not budgeted for that then it will likely be a big surprise. You may not be able to pay and it could become a major headache for you in the future. Of course, if someone stopped and told you about it then you would know about it in the first place. Being prepared is always a good thing. It will allow you to be ready for the reality you are going to have to face. The Amazon FBA program will automatically establish a nexus. They will establish this situation in whatever state or states where they hold your product. It might be important to know which ecommerce warehouse. You do this so that you can prepare to pay the nexus estate taxes for those particular areas.

Your own ecommerce warehouse?

Of course, you could always house the product yourself. If you choose this then you will have to figure out how to run an ecommerce warehouseand get the necessary equipment for it. It is not as easy as it sounds. For example, what do you call the shelving in the warehouse? Not many people think of this before they start their own warehouse so they have a hard time finding appropriate shelving for their business. One of the most popular ways to shop for this product is to search for “industrial shelving”. However, that is not the name of industrial shelving in the industry. The industry actually calls this pallet racking. They call it pallet racking because most of your materials and/or products are going to come in the form of a pallet. Therefore, when this industry came to be, what most people were looking to store was pallets of their particular products. The original design of the storage units is for racking pallets. The industry, by proxy, call these industrial shelving units pallet racks.

Different types of pallet racks for an ecommerce warehouse:

The truth is that there were multiple types of pallet rack in the marketplace now. The pallet rack you are trying to buy has a name. The racks are called selective pallet racks. In fact, this is probably the most common type of pallet rack in the industry. They call it selective because you can select which pallet you want without having to move any other pallets in the system. It is basically a shelving system. You can unpack your pallet and put it on the shelf which is what most laptop dealers do. It requires you to think about what kind of decking you have for the pallet rack or industrial shelving.

Wire mesh decks:

Side note here, we recommend that you use wire mesh decks for your pallet racking or industrial shelving. You may be thinking to yourself, “a wire mesh deck may allow my product to fall through the gaps or sit funny in-between those gaps.” Most companies will find the size will work for their product if it is not smaller than a cell phone or is held in a box. Another reason to get the wire mesh deck is that certain states will allow you to store things higher if you have the wire mesh deck. It is because when the sprinkler system turns on the systems can reach the lower levels of the rack or shelving system because nothing is obstructing it from reaching those levels. If you have solid bottomed shelving units then the water cannot pass through this area. You may not be able to get all the storage you possibly could out of your area. If you grow large enough, in your e-commerce business, then you will realize that space is always at a premium. You want to get as much storage as possible. It is especially true if you are playing the Amazon e-commerce game. If you have prime enabled then you need product on your shelf. Failing to ship your prime orders on time has massive reprecussions. You will have prime shut off. You could lose a lot of money that you had budgeted to make that year. Obviously, if you have employees, this means that you might have to lay them off for a while and hope they do not find a new job until you can get your prime turned back on.

The selective rack choice:

Does that mean that a selective pallet rack is right for your business? The answer is probably not. If you are an e-commerce business that is doing some type of food-related business then you may be looking for something that can do a first in first out process, FIFO, for you. You are one of those businesses. A pallet rack, called pallet flow rack, might be better for you. If you keep your product in pallets and first in first out is not something you have to worry about then you might be able to go with something called a pushback system. A pushback system allows you to load the front of the pallet rack or industrial shelving with the product. If you go to pick in order or get a pallet then the system automatically drops down the next pallet. It follows what is called the last in last out system or LIFO/FILO. You also have systems like the cantilever rack which is generally used to hold things like pipe, lumber, or other long materials. You also have drive-in racks and pallet rack shuttle systems. The pallet rack shuttle is a little robot or machine that lifts and pulls pallets for you.


ou started here because you wanted to know how to find industrial shelving for your e-commerce business. The answer is that you look for a pallet rack. Once you know that you need a pallet rack in your eCommerce warehouse then you can decide what kind of pallet rack you need for your specific business. We cannot tell what type of business you are running so we cannot tell you what type of pallet rack you need. You should be able to get a good idea of what you need from the information above. However, if you do feel like you do need our help you can always call us. Email or call us using the information found in the footer.

Call us for more information and help with pallet racks or industrial shelving units.

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