Is Getting Second-Hand Pallet Racking a Good Idea? Pitfalls to Avoid.

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Is Getting Second-Hand Pallet Racking a Good Idea? Pitfalls to Avoid.

Second-Hand Pallet Racking

New or second-hand pallet racking?

The first thing to consider before getting second-hand pallet racking is how much do you know about the rack in question? If you found it somewhere like Craiglist then you probably know very little about it. That fact complicates a lot of matters. Of course, you do not know what happened to the pallet rack during its usage. The previous owner may not divulge any previous collisions with forklifts. They could be trying to get rid of it.  The motive for the move is so that they can get a new one to replace the impacted version. You might not know what to look for when looking at one. It is because you do not have a lot of experience with pallet rack. Another problem that might show itself. The problem, in this case, is that the previous owner removed it for a very specific reason. It is because of an inspection that was failed. It failed because the pallet rack was not up to code. Subsequently, it might not be up to code because of contact with a forklift. That would leave you with the problem. You can expect to fail an inspection if that happens.

What is the fix for this?

Get used or second-hand pallet racks from a reputable company. They will know what to look for when they see used warehouse racking. In addition, they will be able to figure out if a rack can be permitted again if necessary. You do not have to be an expert at pallet rack and you can focus on your business instead of issues like permitting and whether or not a pallet rack is ready for use in your business.

The other thing you could do is get new pallet racks for your business. Keep in mind that, even with new pallet racks, you will still need to ask if the racks are ready for the process of getting a pallet rack permit in your area. It is not unheard of for some companies to sell rack but not help through the permit process. It might be because they know that the rack will not pass. If it does not pass then you will have to remove all the inventory off the rack. You will have an unusable rack and inventory that you probably did not have room for in your warehouse without using the rack. The best thing to do, in either case, is to make sure that your second-hand pallet racking can be permitted in the first place. You do this so that you do not run into this problem.

Is the second-hand rack going to be client-facing?

Another question you need to ask yourself is if this pallet racking unit is going to be client-facing? If it is then are you in a business where it does not matter how the pallet rack looks to the customer? Obviously, every business wants to put their best foot forward and this is especially true if that foot is going to be in front of customers to judge your business by when they visit. The choice of used vs new might mean a lot here especially if the product is worth a lot and the client needs to see it first. Maybe you have rows of the used rack in the back and one new one in the front for this purpose. Either way, it is something you have to consider when you are getting a rack to make sure that you are getting the right kind and in the condition you need.

Is second-hand really cheaper than new?

The answer is most of the time it is, however, there are times when a more generic version of the rack might be available without the brand name. They may be just as good. Permits are no more or less difficult to obtain as those name brand racks as well. They can cost as much as a used rack or, at times, less than the used rack. The best way to find these racks is to call the business in question and see if they have anything available for you. Just to be clear, you should ask if the rack is capable of passing the permitting processes. The answer should be able to tell you if you can get the rack that you need for your business and in a state where your local government will not stop you from using it in your business.

Looking for used warehouse racking or, possibly, generic new pallet rack for your business? Call us using the phone number in the footer. Talk to us about your needs. You can also click the link to get a brand new selective pallet pack for your business.

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