I’ve Been Told I Need Waterfall Wire Decking – What is it?

waterfall wire decking example

I’ve Been Told I Need Waterfall Wire Decking – What is it?

If you have heard of and/or been told that you need waterfall wire decking then you might be confused. You might think it is some type of special warehouse shelving, and in which case, you are partly right. The wire decking refers to a certain part of the shelving or pallet rack if you are unfamiliar with the industry term. The part you are looking for is the actual shelf of the shelving or the rack. It is the physical place where you put products or pallets. Of course, this assumes you do have your pallet rack already. It is a very certain type of decking.

Decking, In General…

There are several different types of decking that you could use on your pallet rack and the waterfall style of racking is just one of them. Some people are using what are, essentially, wood planks. Although, we have to mention that we do not recommend using any plank you find for safety reasons. A smart idea is getting professional-grade ones made for the purpose. The last thing you want is for your people, you, or your customers getting hurt. Another consequence is that your product could crash through the levels. It may end up smashing into other products on other levels. There are also metal versions of these that are commonly used. There are non-waterfall versions of the wire decking and the list can go on about what is used here. Again, we have to mention that you should only be using materials that were meant for this purpose because of pallet rack permitting reasons and safety reasons.

What makes the waterfall wire decking so different?

Design is almost everything when you are talking about storage. You design your warehouse and you have designs for your pallet rack that increase your storage like pallet flow racks, push back racks, and the others. The design of the mesh we are talking about helps several elements of the storage. If you are talking about waterfall decking then you are talking about a mesh deck that has “waterfall” edges or ends. The waterfall part of it sounds just like it is in real life. The mesh goes over the deck and hangs down. Why would you want that? It helps protect you, your workers, or your clients from product or pallets from coming off your rack accidentally. How much of a waterfall is a good thing? The answer is 1.5 inches, or at least, that is what the industry tends to give when they produce a waterfall wire decking product. You can find shorter lengths, however, if you have a need. Examples of situations where this would make sense are when you have barcodes or labels on your shelves. You may need to change them at some point or to be able to see them.

Give us a call if you are looking for waterfall wire decking. You can find the number in the footer. If you are looking for pallet rack wire decking then you can visit that page and have a look at what we have online.

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