Looking for Pallet Shelves for Sale? Here is What You Are Looking For Right Now.

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Looking for Pallet Shelves for Sale? Here is What You Are Looking For Right Now.

Pallet Shelves for Sale

Looking for pallet shelves for sale? You may be having a bit of trouble figuring out where to go to find these things. It is not clear by your query if you are looking for the shelves themselves or the whole unit. If you are looking for the whole unit then you are looking for pallet racks. You want pallet rack wire decking, or you should, at least. This is true if you are looking for the shelf itself. Moreover, the material below it that holds the pallet, boxes, or product up and off the floor.

Why wire decking?

Wire decking is what you see most commonly sold with pallet racks because it is one of the most versatile of all the decking styles you could get. It is strong. Ours holds a capacity of 2500 lbs. In addition, it also allows sprinklers to pass through and wet products underneath in case of fire. It is one of those things you have to keep in mind. You keep this in mind when you choose your decking. It is especially important if you plan to start growing your inventory vertically. You get more leeway to grow your inventory higher if you can show that your sprinklers can handle any fires that could break out. The gaps in the wire decking allow you to show that the water can and will reach. Granted, other types of beams would allow water to pass through, however, none distribute loads across a given amount of area like wire mesh decks.

What about Pallet support bars?

Pallet support bars can be used and are used by our customers as well. You can get pallet support crossbars. Some people get wood supports but that may not be able to handle the rigors of what you need them to do. Keep in mind that wood pallet supports are also highly flammable which a fire inspector is not going to be happy to see as they would like to see another material used. They also lack the flanged edge, in most cases, that you can find on metal or galvanized versions of this product. Wood also tends to absorb water and could rot. A steel galvanized version of this product will last longer. It is much less likely to burn and has the additional advantage of not reacting to water as quickly as wood. Your pallet supports and pallet rack may encounter weather from raindrops on your pallets or inventory even if it is inside. It could also face leaks from the product you are storing. Remember, weak pallet shelves are dangerous for you and your employees. You should avoid allowing that situation to develop.

Are there more types of decking to consider?

The answer is yes and you can read more about those types in the link to follow. You can read about pallet rack decking types there. We can get any of the pallet decking or pallet shelves for sale types you want if you give us a call. You will find our number in the footer.

Want a durable, versatile, strong pallet shelf decking? Take a look at the pallet rack wire decking there. If you want a different type of decking/shelving bottom then call us.

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