One Question Every Supplier Asks – Do You Have a Pallet Jack?

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One Question Every Supplier Asks – Do You Have a Pallet Jack?

“Do you have a pallet jack?” It is one of the first things that a person who works in or around shipping will hear constantly as product comes into your warehouse. It is also one of the first things that an inexperienced person, who has an eCommerce company, will get stumped on almost right away. Sometimes it is the big shipment of parts, products, or whatever the case may be for your business that causes this question to be asked. Whatever it is, the guy or gal loading or unloading wants you to have a pallet jack.

Pallet Jack Lift Fees:

The thing they do not tell you until you are in the situation is that an answer of “no” is going to cost you money. Many shipping companies would like you to believe it is such an inconvenience to get out their pallet jack that they charge you for it. The charge is not cheap either. The charge can vary between $25 to $250 depending on who you are talking to and what needs to be unloaded. It is very likely you already had to pay this fee and you are looking for a way not to pay it again which is smart. Honestly, operating an eCommerce business that ships things out and has a decent amount of volume is going to be seriously handicapped unless a pallet jack is owned by the owner or their company.

Where do you get a pallet jack?

The other question to ask is, “where do you get a pallet jack?” There are tons of little things like this you do not even know you need to know when you first get into business and get into a situation like this one. The answer is that you should look at the company where you got your racks from in order to get a pallet jack. If they provide racks then they are aware you probably need a pallet jack but may figure that you already have one. They, also, want you to be able to use your racks because they do not want to have to deal with a return of the racks they just sold you.

Offering a pallet jack with a pallet rack:

They will, likely, sell you a pallet jack so that you keep the racks they just sold you. Keep in mind that this is good business because making sure that you can actually use those racks means that they stand a chance of you buying racks from them in the future. It may even be a question that should be added to the sales pitch when you were pitched the rack because a pallet jack, as a person who worked in shipping, is essential once you break into profitability and start scaling your business.

Who Expects You to Have a Pallet Jack?

Your shipping company is one of the first people who will expect you to have one if you are doing any sort of decent business. They, sometimes, find it easier to wheel out your pallet full of stuff to their vehicle and then unload it from the pallet to their vehicle. If you say no then there are times when they will charge you for this service. Shipping companies can include USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and etc.

Your supplier’s expectations:

Your supplier expects you to have a pallet jack. They are extremely busy and the driver who probably came from another state to yours probably has to drive to another one after you. Those driers want to get in and out as quickly as possible. They, definitely, will charge you if you do not have one because time is money to them. The sooner they can finish delivering the faster they can get home which they probably do not see very much at all. If they do have to get their pallet jack to assist you then it is a large inconvenience and could make them miss their next delivery time frame in some cases.

Are pallet jacks still necessary if you have a forklift?

Finally, you should expect yourself to have a pallet jack even if you have a forklift. If you are new at this business then you probably do not know that, for certain pallets, a pallet jack is faster and better than starting up the forklift. It is also more maneuverable in most cases. If you do have a pallet jack but you move enough product to warrant building a pallet then it is time to get a pallet jack.

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