Pallet Flow Racks in an Industrial Farm Feed Situation

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Pallet Flow Racks in an Industrial Farm Feed Situation

If you have a farm that has animals on it then you need to feed those animals. The usual way of doing this is to stack your feed on top of each other when it makes sense as in the case of hay. If it is, or it can be palletized, then you may want to consider a pallet flow system as your feed storage system. Of course, this all depends if you have a forklift because, if you do, then you might be saving yourself a lot of work. The caveat is that you should be at a level where this makes sense financially. If you are scaling up and you need more of your processes automated then this might be the way to go.

What a Gravity Flow Rack or Pallet Flow Rack Is:

The pallet flow system is a system that does not require any electricity. In fact, the system runs on gravity. Therefore, long as you maintain your pallet flow system properly, it will keep being automated. It will do so despite power outages. It is not necessary that you can supply energy to the system at all. If you are into pinching pennies then that might be a great way to save on electricity.

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FIFO and Pallet Flow Racks:

You may be asking yourself about FIFO or first in and first out. The fact is that the system is perfect for that situation. One end of the system will load the product. Retrieval of product happens on the other end. New product loads in a way where it is behind the older product. The older product should leave first in this situation. Obviously, for the freshness of feed and such, this is important. The force of gravity pulls the older product down and loads the next oldest product in the system as the next product for pick up. You do not have to think about it and you do not need to move product around to get to the product you need to use right now. It is all done for you by the same feed storage system.

Why You Need a Pallet Flow Rack:

If you are looking for an economical way of scaling up your business and automating a process so you have more time to do other things that can increase your bottom line then it might be time to consider getting a pallet flow system. It will maintain FIFO for you. The system will do this provided that you are loading the product from the other side. It does this without you having to think too much about it. If you have a product that needs to be sold in this FIFO like procedure then you may want to consider this system for that as well. Automating processes is always a good idea when it makes financial sense. If you are in this position then we would love to talk to you.

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