Pallet Racking Beam Locking Pins vs Clips

Pallet Racking Beam Locking Pins vs Clips

pallet racking beam locking pin

Why do I need these if I have clips?

A lot of pallet racks or industrial shelving will come with safety clips. The safety clips work well in the beginning. What most people find, after owning the racks for a while, is that the clips will eventually get damaged or stop doing their job correctly. The problem with this is that the clips will look like they are functioning properly. However, they could be putting you or your employees in a dangerous situation because they will not be able to stop a level of the pallet rack from falling. There are a variety of reasons why a clip may stop working but it is important to note that it is not a question of, “will it stop working?” But, “when will it stop working?” It may be useful in the beginning but using a clip by itself may not be the best idea over a long stretch of time. You will want a pallet racking beam locking pin as well.

Can I use them together?

The best idea is to have a clip and a pin. A pin paired with a clip gives you the security knowing that you have a backup in case one of them goes out. Of course, it is less likely with a pin because you will be able to see physical damage on the pallet rack pin. The caveat to this is that you will have to be looking at the pin or checking the locking pin to make sure that it is not damaged. It will take a little bit of extra work on your end. You could also check the clip while you are there as well. The clip does not have the same thickness or sturdiness that the pin does. Therefore, you are probably going to have to check on its condition more often. Remember, that a clip can look like it is fine but not actually be in good working order. Therefore, it is probably a good thing to backup all your clips with a pallet locking pin. A little overkill when it comes to safety is always a good thing. It is something that, if they really thought about it, your employees will really appreciate.

Which one is better?

There is no solution that is better than the other as far as it relates to a locking pallet racking beam pin or a clip because they both work and some people cannot use a pin for differing reasons. A pallet rack clip is more likely to break, however. Yet, that does not mean that it is a better option. It just means that it needs to be watched closer than a locking pin for a pallet rack. If you had to choose between a clip and a locking pin then a pin would be the better option. It is because of its propensity to not get broken. Also, it tends to show damage better than a clip. A clip can look like it is fine and in good working order but is damaged in reality.

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