Pallet Racking Clips vs. Pins

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Pallet Racking Clips vs. Pins

You already know that keeping your pallet racks safe and secure is a top priority. But you may be wondering if you need pallet racking clips or pallet rack pins. Or do you need both?

This article will explain what these two devices are, how they work, and which ones you need for your pallet rack system.

What Are Pallet Racking Clips?

Pallet Racking Clips | Speedrack West

Pallet rack safety clips, also called beam connector locks or beam locks, help secure your pallet rack beams to the frame. These tiny devices help prevent beams from dislodging during routine loading and unloading operations. A disconnected beam can lead to the collapse of your pallet rack.

There are a few different types of safety clips, depending on how your pallet racking fits together. There are general-purpose pallet rack safety clips like the one pictured above, that reduce the risk of your racking coming apart when impacted by a forklift or other equipment. If your pallet racking sits flush with the rack next to it, you can also use flush mount clips (give us a call for more details).  If there is an offset between two racks, you can use an offset clip to provide added safety support.

What Are Pallet Rack Safety Pins?

Pallet Rack Safety Drop Pin | Speedrack West

Pallet rack safety pins, also called locking pins, drop-in pins, beam locking devices, or j-pins, secure pallet rack beams to uprights. These devices help prevent the beam from disconnecting when hit by a forklift or a pallet load during regular warehouse operations.

Pallet Racking Clips vs. Pins: Which Safety Device Do I Need?

For maximum rack security, the answer is both, and here’s why.

Most pallet racks or industrial shelving come with safety clips. These clips function well in the beginning, but their effectiveness will degrade over time. Although the clip may not show any signs of wear and tear, it will lose its firm grip eventually. Unfortunately, there is no firm timeline for when to replace safety clips. Every situation is different, just as every warehouse is different.

The best solution is to install both clips and pins in your pallet racks. A sturdy pin paired with a clip gives you backup in the event one of them goes out. What’s more, pins tend to maintain their integrity longer than clips, and they are easy to install and check.

A pallet rack pin simply drops into the holes of your racking system and secures itself with the small button on its end. The holes are found on the beam to frame connector of the cross beam that typically line up with an accessory hole of the upright frame. These pins need a hole at least .30 inches wide in order to fit through.

A universal drop pin securely connects the upright frame and the cross beam, meeting American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards of 1,000 pounds of vertical uplift force.

So, to recap, we recommend you use both pallet rack safety clips and pins in your racking systems. If you have more questions about clips and pins or any other aspect of pallet rack safety, Speedrack West is here to help. Please contact one of our trained safety experts today for a free consultation.

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