Plastic Warehouse Bins – Stacking or Nesting?

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Plastic Warehouse Bins – Stacking or Nesting?

The staple of any business that deals in parts are the little plastic warehouse bins you find in the warehouse. Most people who work around these parts never think about them because they are just there. However, if you need new ones or you never had them and you are opening your store then where do you get them? It is a question that most people do not ask until they need them. There is a consideration to keep in mind, however, and that is if you want the bins to be stackable or nestable.

The question is if you need them to stack or nest? The truth is that most of them can do both but only in certain situations. The situations have to do with the sizes you ordered. If you ordered many of the same types then they are going to be stackable. If you ordered different sizes then you can nest them, at least, to a degree.

Nestable to a Degree

The degree to which you can nest your product has to do with the Matryoshka dolls, also known as Babushka dolls, phenomenon. You can put them inside of each other provided that you keep going smaller. Therefore, only 1 of each type could be nested inside of each other before you had to start a new nested stack. Why? If you keep in mind the Matryoshka dolls then you know that you cannot place a larger or similar sized wooden doll inside of a similar-sized doll. It is the same with these bins.

What you can do, however, is stack them. You can stack a similar sized bin on top of the other, within reason. You are not going to make a stack 20 feet high of bins because, obviously, that would be very unstable and would probably fall over before that time period. If you keep your expectations realistic for these bins then you will be in a good place. You probably will not be stacking more than two to three of these bins. After two or three of these then you will need to start a new stack.

Why do you care about nesting in the first place?

Nesting counts when you are trying to save up room. If you are trying to clean up and store things efficiently then nesting makes sense. You can just nest them inside of each other until you have use of them. You do this instead of leaving the bins wherever they are laying. Obviously, this assumes they fit the Babushka doll method.

If you plan your bins appropriately then you can get the set that allows you to nest or stack as you see fit. You will be ready if you think about this before you need them to nest or stack.

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