Putting the Safe in Forklift Safety Cages

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Putting the Safe in Forklift Safety Cages

What are Forklift Safety Cages?

Forklift safety cages are platforms used to lift a warehouse worker or workers high enough to perform an occasional or short duration task when it is not practical to use scaffolding or another elevated device. Sometimes this is called a “man cage”, “man basket”, or “forklift working platform“. Safety cages provide a safe and mobile working space for workers to perform a number of common tasks within a warehouse.

Tasks that may require a forklift safety cage are usually smaller, quick projects, like replacing broken lights, performing roof maintenance, or accessing stock that is stored in high pallets. The great advantage to a forklift safety cage is that it is mobile, and can easily be moved around.

Forklift Safety Cage Requirements

A trained forklift operator must be in position and in control of the forklift at all times. Here are other safety requirements set by OSHA for safety cages:

  • An 8,000-pound capacity forklift or greater is required.
  • The cage must be attached appropriately to the forklift.
  • Cordoning off of the area surrounding the forklift be considered.
  • Other workers must be clear of the cage work area.
  • Worker(s) in the cage must wear a body harness and lanyard attached to the cage.
  • The mast must be in the vertical position and never tilted.
  • The movement of the forklift while people are in the enclosure must be not greater than creep speed.
  • Personnel should be a minimum of one foot away from the cage per each foot the cage is raised.

Most forklift safety cages are made from metallic iron that is sturdy and durable and designed for use with any standard-sized forklift. An important safety feature to look for is a chain in the back of the forks. The chain helps secure the platform to the forklift.

You can select forklift safety cages in a color that matches your other warehouse equipment or in a bright yellow that makes it stand out. Many styles feature a non-slip floor, safety rails, two safety chains to keep you safe, and they collapse and fold for easy storage.

A safety cage is a handy piece of equipment to have in your warehouse. However, safety inspectors will want to make sure you are using it for small temporary jobs rather than on a regular basis.

Do You Need Forklift Safety Cages?

If you have questions about forklift safety cages, how t use them safely, or what type pf cage to purchase for your warehouse, please get in touch with us at Speedrack West. We have the knowledge and expertise and are happy to schedule a free consultation for your warehouse racking needs.

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