Searching for Warehouse Pallet Shelves? Selective Rack Might Be What You Need

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Searching for Warehouse Pallet Shelves? Selective Rack Might Be What You Need

Warehouse Pallet Shelves
Shelves or racks?

One of the hardest things about opening up a new warehouse is figuring out where to get everything. No one is just born knowing what to call everything in a warehouse unless you grew up as the daughter or son of a warehouse manager. If you are like most of us then you have to stumble around for a while searching the internet and asking around what a certain piece of equipment happens to be, at least, this is true with people you will not see again or you feel comfortable asking. Also, asking for “warehouse pallet shelves” might sound funny to you and the person you are talking to as well.

Pallet Racks Nominclature:

The awareness to call warehouse storage unit “pallet” means that you are on the right path. Being on the right path means you can find what you need and, in this case, what you need is,” warehouse pallet racks”. Warehouse pallet shelves or shelving is popular to search for because that is what we call it in our everyday lives. The disconnect between what you call it, “shelves” and what people call it in the industry, “rack” will make it hard for you to find what you need. It is because search engines look at queries and try to match words until their programming can figure out the semantics of “shelving” being the same as “rack” in this case.

Once you are aware of that problem and you start making the right queries that get you results then you run into another problem. The truth is that there are a lot of different types of warehouse pallet shelves or rack in the marketplace. There is a push-back rack, pallet flow rack, drive-in rack, and etc. However, we do have a good guess for what you might need if you are searching for pallet shelves and that is selective racks.

Selective Rack:

The kind of pallet rack you are looking for is probably a selective rack. Why? Selective rack is closest to what we all have at home. Our own warehouse pallet shelves are selective racks on a much smaller non-commercial scale. Why is it called a selective rack? It allows you to select whatever product or pallet off your rack that you want. Of course, if, for example, you like putting your cereal boxes in together in a single file line then you might have problems getting the one out of the very back. You should be able to select which one you want quickly. However, this works only if you keep them organized with the different cereals sorted properly. The same is true for a selective rack. You should be able to select which pallet of a certain product you want.

Your shelves at home and selective racks:

If you want to have a system that is similar to how your pantry shelves or refrigerator shelves work then a selective pallet rack is probably the one you are looking for right now. However, the next question you have to ask yourself is if you want a new or used product. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both but the choice is really up to you. What you need to be aware of is that getting used can be a problem at times. If your area has any type of seismic activity then you are going to need seismic calculations done on your pallet rack or shelving for the permitting process. There are pallet racks in the world that do not have this for one reason or another. If that is true and your inspection takes place then the inspector can have you take down the rack. Subsequently, that leaves you with two questions.

The two questions:

Where do you store this rack you cannot use? What do you do with the product that came off the shelves? You will also have to have the calculations done. You need them so you can get your rack back up. Once it is back up then it is ready to house the product again. You can shortcut this job. You do this by making sure that you only get a rack that has the proper documentation behind it. Do this before you buy it. If you do not get the documentation then you should stop the sale then and there.

Looking for good new or used factory pallet shelves or rack for your business? Give us a call using the phone number in the footer for new or used pallet shelves/rack we have in stock. Moreover, if you want new warehouse pallet racks then click the link and take advantage of our pallet rack builder.

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