Things You Should Know About Getting a Bin Shelving System for a Warehouse

Bin Shelving System

Things You Should Know About Getting a Bin Shelving System for a Warehouse

Bin Shelving System

You have a pallet rack—but what now? The standard pallet racking setup is essentially one big shelf to store industrial quantities of inventory—but that is the problem with it as well. It is difficult to store things on it individually. If you are not planning to put entire pallets on your shelf, and just need to store pieces and parts in bulk, then a storage bin shelving system may be just what you’re looking for.

Maybe you run an auto parts store. You need somewhere to put the nuts, bolts, emblems, and other such loose items. All of those pieces, in one way or another, may fall through the cracks or spaces between the shelves. Moreover, items may get stuck between spaces in a way that is not conducive to picking products for shipping purposes. You may need a good bin shelving system. This article will explore some small parts storage issues that can be solved with storage bin shelving.

The wire mesh deck problem.

Wire mesh decking is, by far, the most popular version of decking around. If you order a standard pallet rack setup—then chances are strong that you are getting wire mesh decking. There are products that can fall through, especially if they are smaller than an iPhone SE. If that is the case with your inventory, then you should consider a bin shelving system for your warehouse. Auto part stores make use of these because many items are just too small to stay on wire mesh decking. For example, a solenoid would fall and break itself far before it is used because there is nothing holding it in place. Plastic storage bins are ideal for storing individual pieces and parts in bulk.

New or Used?

You can find the bin shelving system you need to put on your racks—new or used. It is probably one of the only places where new or used matters very little as it relates to pallet racking or industrial shelving.

There are far fewer permit processes that have to do with the use of storage bins than pallet racking. If you were to buy all brand new bins they will be in pristine condition, but are more costly. Used bins are an economical alternative if dust and/or scuff marks don’t matter. The only reason to care is if the bins are damaged and cannot, physically, contain your product anymore. You should be able to get away with getting a few used bins you can use to store loose items in a professional and organized way.

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Boltless Shelving

If your business handles loose or bulky inventory, and those items don’t require the industrial weight capacities of pallet racking, then you might consider boltless shelving as an option.

Boltless shelving is an economical way to keep your work areas organized and free of clutter. These units are easy to install and can be custom configured for optimal space utilization. Each shelf level can handle up to 650 lbs. of evenly distributed weight.  The shelf surface can be setup with wire mesh decking, particle board decking, and everything in between.  Equip these units with casters to create a mobile storage solution to move around your facility as needed. Additionally, you can pair these units with plastic bins to create the perfect bin shelving system.

If you are looking for a new or used bin shelving system for your warehouse then have a look at these plastic storage bins and boltless shelving units. If you need anything else for storage of your products, contact us—our expert staff is glad to help.

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