Things You Should Know About Getting a Bin Shelving System for a Warehouse

Bin Shelving System

Things You Should Know About Getting a Bin Shelving System for a Warehouse

Bin Shelving System

You have a pallet rack but what now. The product is similar to one big shelf but that is also the problem with it as well. It is difficult to store things on it individually. It is true if you are not planning to put entire pallets on your shelf. For instance, if you are a laptop or computer dealer then you are in an interesting situation. You might not want every one of those products on the pallet. Keeping them in the pallets makes it difficult to upgrade them. You also have to send them on their way after the upgrade. Maybe you are an auto parts store. If you are then you need somewhere to put the bolts, emblems, other items such as those. All of those products, in one way or another, may fall through the cracks in the shelves. Moreover, things may get stuck between the spaces in a way that is not conducive to picking products for shipping purposes. That is why you need a good bin shelving system.

The wire mesh deck problem.

Wire mesh decking is, by far, the most popular version of decking around. If you order a pallet rack then the chances are strong that you are getting a pallet rack with wire mesh decking. Again, there are products that can fall through especially if they are smaller than an iPhone SE. If that is the case with your product then you should consider a bin shelving system for your warehouse. Many auto parts stores make use of these because many of the parts are just too small to stay on those wire mesh deckings. For example, a solenoid would fall and break itself. It would do this far before it is used. It is because there is nothing holding it in place.

New or used

You can find the bin shelving system you need to put on your racks new or used. It is probably one of the only places where new or used matters very little as it relates to pallet racking or industrial warehouse shelving. There are far fewer permit processes that have to do with the use of storage bins than getting a used pallet rack. The only reason to care is if the bins are damaged and cannot, physically, contain your product anymore. Here is where your choice of who you are buying the items from might come into play. If you buy used bins from an individual then you might have to check all of them one by one. If you buy from a reputable business then you, probably, have a product that someone already looked at before you. Otherwise, you should be able to get away with getting a few used bins you can use to store your product.

If you are looking for new or used bin shelving systems for your warehouse then have a look at these plastic storage bins. If you need anything else for the storage of your product then call us. You will find the number to contact us in the footer below.

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