Things You Should Know About Cantilever Racks for Lumber

Things You Should Know About Cantilever Racks for Lumber

Are There Special Kinds of Cantilever Racks for Lumber?

There is no special kind of cantilever rack for lumber specifically. However, that is not to say that you cannot customize the cantilever rack to what you specifically need. In fact, it is probably the best idea. Why? It is because everybody’s situation is different and the load is going to be different. Notwithstanding, there is no special type of cantilever rack for lumber. You are going to be fine purchasing just about any cantilever rack as long as you keep the load management in mind. You should also get the appropriate help when you need it. It is natural asking for help in order to get permitting. Finally, you might need help to figure out what you actually need in your business as far as arms, bracing, uprights and etc are concerned.

Used Cantilever Racks for Sale

Can I Get It Used?

There are many companies like ourselves that have used cantilever racks for lumber. Again, you are going to have to get that rack permitted. Keep in mind that this cantilever was built for someone else’s use specifically. Augmentation is the name of the game here. It is because the loads that they, the cantilever racks, were holding are probably different than yours. It is true that most cantilever racks that we see have arms that are capable of holding 2500 pounds per arm. They also tend to be 4 feet long as that seems to be the most popular. So you can see, if you have needs outside of those specific commonalities then you may have to have your used rack modified or get a new one altogether. The truth is, as well, that you may be able to get a more generic version of cantilever rack that is just as safe as a new brand-name cantilever rack. In fact, sometimes the cost is as much or, sometimes, even less than a used cantilever rack. If you are interested in that then you should give us a call at 503-447-1284. We will see what we have in stock and what we can do for you.


Finally, in either case, as we have mentioned, you have to think about the permitting of the cantilever racks for lumber. You need the proper testing and seismic calculations in order to put these up in most places. It is, in fact, one of the first things you should ask a company. More specifically, a company who offers to sell you or your company cantilever rack. The truth is that some companies do not do seismic testing and therefore make it difficult for their clientele to use their racks after a Fire Marshal inspects their cantilever rack. Stress testing a rack is a costly procedure that costs thousands of dollars. In fact, there are many times where it is cheaper to replace the rack with a rack that has already had the testing done to it. Of course, this does not include the time, effort, and the money required to disassemble the rack and store it. If you want to get cantilever rack that is not going to cause you a headache later than you need to have it tested beforehand so you know you can permit it.

If you are looking for a new or used cantilever rack then email us. Moreover, you can call us using the number in the footer. You can also have a look at our cantilever products by clicking here.

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