Trouble Finding Used Pipe Racks for Sale – Here is What You Should Be Looking For Instead

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Trouble Finding Used Pipe Racks for Sale – Here is What You Should Be Looking For Instead

Having a frustrating time looking for used pipe racks for sale? Does it seem like almost everyone is trying to sell you something you do not need? Is that something that is not remotely close to what you need? There is a good reason for that and that has to do with the fact that the industry does not call pipe rack by that name. The industry calls it “cantilever rack”. The disconnect happens because people who try to sell it have no idea what you, as the consumer, call the product. Therefore, they are forced to sell it by the name they were taught. It is similar to how a person would try to explain to you they want to watch baseball without knowing the name for baseball. They would probably try to describe it or say, “the game where someone hits a ball.” You would probably tell them it is baseball. If you ask the search engines the same question, then they, because they do not, technically read, as we do, have to figure out what search result is relevant for that term you just typed. The process may take a while as it learns. The system has to learn, semantically, that baseball and the “the game where someone hits a ball” are the same things. The same goes for this search you tried. The search engines have to figure out that pipe racks and cantilever racks are the same thing.  The caveat you could have someone smart who makes the association for you. At any rate, what you are looking for is a used cantilever rack.

What you need to know:

A few things to know before you run off to buy your cantilever rack. Some of the main components you are looking at are the base, uprights, arms, and bracing. You need to start thinking about these factors.  If you are in the process of finding the right cantilever rack for your business then these are very important.

Stabilization and the bases on used pipe racks for sale:

The base is pretty obvious what it does. However, just in case, you should know that the base is anchor to the floor. It is there because you do not want this thing to be wobbly. It provides the main stabilizer for the whole unit. You do need to know that most places will require seismic testing to be able to use a pipe rack or cantilever rack. Your city does not want your rack to be wobbly either because it is dangerous for you, your employees, your customers, and your building as well. In fact, recently, we ran into a situation where a customer went in to check with his city if his rack would need seismic calculations. He was told by the governing body that he would only need preliminary calculations. It turned out wrong later as that same city asked for full-scale calculations. It is situations like this where it helps to have someone experienced to help you with a problem. Obviously, a company like ours has seen it before and has a good idea of where to go once this happens. It might not be easy to know what to do next after something like that happens to your project. We have a good idea of where to go next to push the project alone in situations like these and others because we have seen it happen before in our business deals.

Upright columns:

You also have your upright columns which are pretty much what they sound like they are by the name. They are the backbone of the storage level system on a new or used pipe rack/cantilever rack. The arms of the rack will extend from this piece of the rack perpendicular, or, at least, technically. If you have arms slanted then the arms will not truly be perpendicular.

Braces and supports:

The braces provide support. It is horizontal and diagonal support. They are designed to help increase the stability of the system. Some companies only supply horizontal supports or only use diagonal supports in certain situations. You may have to look into this before ordering to make sure you can get the diagonal bracing when you need it if you are not ordering for us. We can and do accommodate people who should have or want the diagonal bracing when it makes sense for the customer.

Finally, you have the arms on any used pipe racks for sale you are considering. You will have to decide if you want one side to have arms or both sides to have arms. You will also have to decide on whether you need straight arms or inclined arms. The arms we sell the most of have a capacity of 2500 lbs. They can vary from 1500 to 5000 lbs per arm. The capacity can go up to 18,000 lbs in extreme cases. However, we find most are going with 2500 lbs because that seems to be the sweet spot as far as functionality and cost for most companies.

Want a used cantilever rack? Give us a call using the number you can find in the footer. We can help you through the process of figuring out exactly what you need. We can also help with the permitting process if you need help. Want more information about cantilever rack or pipe rack? Click here.

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