Using Cantilever Stop Pins to Protect Car Bumpers from Falling

Cantilever stop pin

Using Cantilever Stop Pins to Protect Car Bumpers from Falling

We talked about using cantilever racks to hold your car bumpers in place and off the floor. How do you keep the bumper on the cantilever though? You could put it in the middle or at the base end of the cantilever. But, you might want more protection than just that for your bumper. Cantilever stop pins help keep those products on the racks where they belong.

The question you might ask is, “do they not all come with stops?” The answer is no. If you do not request them then sometimes they are not sent with the product. Long story short here, if you need or want them then you should request them and the company will tell you if they are included or not. In this case, you probably want these cantilever stops because companies that do use cantilever racks are using the racks for displaying the car bumpers. If you care enough to have your bumpers on a cantilever rack then having extra protection against a drop is a good thing.

Damage and hitting the bumper on the stop pin:

The next question in your mind probably is, “if this is made of metal then won’t hitting the car bumper on the stopper damage it?” The answer is yes and you should consider adding an extra layer of protection there to absorb any bumps should they occur. Some fabric rolled around it to a good thickness could do the job or maybe even rubber. You may want to consider adding it to the arms as well while you are doing it or thinking about it. Remember we are trying to protect it from big contacts. A cantilever rack will help avoid people stepping on it or ramming a chair into it accidentally. It protects it from being in a place where someone can set something heavy on top of it. Likely, if someone bumps it then it probably will not be enough to crush the bumper or dent it since it will be high up. You only have to protect it against minor taps and jostling. The cantilever stop will stop it from falling off of the cantilever arm.

Won’t the weight of the stop add to the weight of the product and could, possibly, overload the arm?

Technically speaking, that is a possibility. However, we are talking about car bumpers here and the arms of the cantilevers racks we have, we cannot speak to ones carried by other companies, can carry up to 2600 lbs of weight. If you are only using it for your car bumper than you should be fine. The rack’s arms should be able to handle more than a few of these, speaking weight wise only. Of course, if you did that then you would have to worry about the bumpers scratching each other. However, otherwise, it should be able to hold the product just fine. It should work as long as you are aware of the weight limit. The stops, probably, do not weigh more than one to two pounds at most.

Aren’t some cantilevers sloped?

You are correct. However, you may want the extra security. Pushing or pulling products off the cantilever rack is not possible with stop pins. It is in these cases where the arm is not inclined where it makes sense to have these stoppers in place especially if you are selling car bumpers. You want them intact so you can sell them or you can show them off so people can purchase them. Knowing that they cannot fall off the arm might just let you sleep more soundly at night. Cantilever stop pins assist in this endeavor.

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