Warehouse Rack Decking Questions – Why Does Everyone Sell Wire Decking?

wire mesh decking

Warehouse Rack Decking Questions – Why Does Everyone Sell Wire Decking?

What Different Types of Pallet Decking Can I Get

We have a full write up about this on our blog here. Therefore, we will not spend too much time on it here. However, several different types of warehouse rack decking are available. There is plywood, pallet supports, bar grating/punch deck, wire, solid steel, and perforated steel. Plywood is what it sounds like and it is a discouraged option because of wood’s ability to maintain a fire. Pallet supports look similar to the plywood option but are made of metal. They do not burn as easily as their wood counterparts and are stronger than plywood. Bar grating and punch decks are both made of metal. Bar grating makes use of a cross like a pattern of metal slats and a punch deck is a series of slats but without a slat to cross them. A lot of people would recognize the punch deck pattern as being similar to the grate over their heater vents in their own homes. A solid steel deck is as it sounds and the perforated steel has a pattern of holes in it usually in a few columns and rows.

wire mesh decking as warehouse rack decking

Why does everyone sell wire decking? It sounds like it would not be very good.

The name, “wire deck” does sound like it would be weak because most people would assume it would be like the wire you would find used for coat hangers. Thankfully, that is not the case. Although it might resemble the wire mesh you see in a shopping cart it is thicker and stronger. It is made to hold pallets’ worth of inventory. In fact, it is designed to hold 2500 lbs of load as long as that load is uniformly distributed. It also has an easier time with inspections because water can pass through and reach the bottom levels. It could help you stack higher and get more products into your building if that becomes a thing that you might need to do in the future. A great choice for warehouse rack decking in your warehouse.

What about my product, won’t it fall through the grates?

The truth is that it is fairly easy to drop something through if it is smaller than an iPhone SE or iPhone 5. Most other things that we tried did not have an easy time getting through the grate. You could always use plastic bins to hold your product or keep it in the box if needed. If you have something like a laptop inventory and you are trying to face them out with the serial showing then you might have an issue with tipping but not falling through. You may have to make another choice if it bothers you that much.

What if I don’t want the water to get to my product on the lower shelves?

You may not be able to stack very high. You may also place yourself in a situation where the inventory will burn without much hope of getting any water to extinguish it. The inspector can only help you up to the point of your state’s respective code. You may have to decide whether or not you want to roll the dice on water damaging your product or fire damaging and spreading amongst your products from shelf to shelf.

Have a look at our wire decking for pallet racks by clicking here. Want another type of decking? Call us using the information in the footer and we will assist you.

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