Warehouse Racking Second Hand – What You Need to Know

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Warehouse Racking Second Hand – What You Need to Know

If you are looking for warehouse racking second hand then you probably do not know that the industry term for what you are looking for is pallet rack. The problem is that it makes it very hard for you to find what you are looking for in the industry. Companies talk about warehouse racking or industrial racking as a pallet rack most of the time. It is a phenomenon that happens online all the time. The vocabulary between the customer and the company can be very different. It is this difference that makes it hard to find what you are looking for online. Search engines, like Google, will try to match the keywords specific to what the user is asking for online. Google knows, for instance, that every keyword means something different. Therefore, searching for something like warehouse racking second hand may not turn up anything that is useful for you. On the other hand, if you search for used pallet rack in your city then will you get a more satisfying search experience.

What is warehouse shelving really called? Pallet Racking

Different Types of Racks:

This, of course, does not get into the fact that there are several different types of racks or pallet racks that are available to you or your business. If you say warehouse racking you could actually mean almost any type of pallet racking available. For example, you could be talking about lumber storage racking which would be cantilever racks. You could be talking about a pushback rack or pallet flow rack. You could also just mean a selective rack which is the most common that you will find in most warehouses. It is the most understandable because it is like any other shelf. You can select which box or product you want off the rack without any special features to the rack. Therefore, you really have to ask yourself what kind of rack are you trying to get second hand. Again, if you do not know what you are looking for then it will limit your ability to find it. It will limit your ability to find what you are looking for when you ask for something like warehouse racking.

Do you really need secondhand racks?

The next thing to ask is if you actually need it secondhand. There are a few cases where secondhand is only cheaper than new by only a few dollars. Granted, name-brand warehouse racking or pallet racking is quality and it is hard to argue with quality. However, there are generic brands of pallet racking which are just as good or close to just as good that are cheaper. If the price is an issue then you may want to look into these as you might be able to get a brand-new pallet rack or warehouse racking system for what you might have paid for a used unit.

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