Warehouse Work Platform – Why You Are Having a Hard Time Finding It

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Warehouse Work Platform – Why You Are Having a Hard Time Finding It

The hardest part of getting a warehouse work platform is actually finding the thing. We talk about this a lot on the site but we will say it again. We have noticed you, the customer, have a hard time finding what you want because we, the supplier, talk about the product very differently than how you talk about the same thing. You say warehouse work platform and we have to figure out what that means because we are having a one-way conversation. Your one-way conversation began with the search for “warehouse work platform” on a search engine and now you are here listening to us. You are probably looking for one of two things.

You are either looking for a forklight safety cage work platform or you are looking for a mezzanine. We cannot immediately tell, by what you were searching for, which one of those you were searching for just now. You can go to the product or service by clicking one of the links above to get to what you are looking for right now. A caveat here, the forklift page is a product page, so you will not find an informational page there. You will find information about that product but if you have other questions then you will not find it there. Such as, “what do I do with this thing?” “How about permitting, and such?” The mezzanine page will give you some basic information on mezzanines. However, these are usually custom-designed to your requirements. As a result, be sure to call us to talk about your project.

Why one and not the other?

A mezzanine is not the sort of thing you can just buy and setup in your warehouse. Mezzanines are very custom to the place where you put them. There are a lot of permitting requirements and seismic calculations that are a part of a safe mezzanine. A major feature of these mezzanine work plaforms is the ability to move and dissemble. However, the mezzanine requires a permit when it arrives in the new location. The used mezzanine may not meet the current seismic codes of the new location. That is why you do not see a lot of used mezzanine structures. There is a lot of custom work that goes into making them for your specific situation and building codes.

A forklift platform is different. Forklift platforms may need less permits with most local governments. Used forklift platforms are hard to find. Unfortunately, they are commonly damaged. When it comes to forklift safety platforms, you certainly don’t want to be taking a risk with damaged equipment.

If you are looking for a warehouse work platform then you are going to have to meet us halfway and let us know if you are looking for a forklift platform that you can find here. If you are looking for a mezzanine then you can click here.

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