Warehousing Work Platform: Mezzanine or Forklift Safety Cage?

Warehousing Work Platform: Mezzanine or Forklift Safety Cage?

One of the most annoying things about searching online is that you can not find what you are looking for sometimes. For instance, searching for a warehousing work platform may be confusing. You may not find very many satisfying search results for that query. The reason is that you are talking about a product that you do not know the name of yet. There is a second half to your problem. The second half is that manufacturers, or people, who provide that solution do not know what you call it either. Therefore, you both call it something different. The middleman, in this case, is a search engine. The search engine is trying to figure out what site they should deliver to you. As a result, it may not know which one to serve you in order to get you what you want. One more fact, there are millions of searches on the Internet every day. These are searches that the search engines have never seen before. They can only guess at what you are trying to ask them for when you search. Therefore, the quicker you can figure out what it is that you are looking for online. If you can do that then you can get back working on things like building your business.

Which one do you mean?

A warehousing work platform could be one of two things: it is either a forklift safety cage work platform which is also known as a man cage or you could be looking for a mezzanine. It is hard to tell based on this search which when you are looking for so we will have to look at them both in hopes of finding the right answer for your particular situation.

mezzanine work platform as a warehousing work platform

Mezzanine work platforms:

Let us look at the mezzanine option first. A mezzanine is probably closest to a catwalk in the minds of most people. It is a platform that people can walk on and/or a place where people can store things if it is built correctly. It also allows you to look over the edge and see what’s going on underneath you when you are on the platform. Mezzanines are usually very specific to the place they are originally located. But, in certain circumstances, they can be moved to different warehouses as long as things like seismic calculations are similar. Again, a mezzanine can be used for people or for storage it all depends on what you need for your business.

Forklift Safety Cage

Forklift safety cages:

The other type of platform you may be talking about is the forklift safety cage work platform. A lot of people call this a man basket or a man cage. It is designed to work with a forklift so that a person can be lifted enough to do work on something higher than they can reach. You will find this used a lot if someone is trying to access the roof or sometimes hanging banners in a place like a gym. Warehouses make use of this as well because sometimes they need to store things in very high places.

If you are looking for either solution then we can help you. You can check out the forklift safety cage or man cage by clicking here. You can take a look at the mezzanine option by clicking here.

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