What is that Shelving In a Warehouse Called?

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What is that Shelving In a Warehouse Called?

Shelving In Warehouse
What is that shelving unit in warehouses called?

If you are opening up a new warehouse for your new company then things might be confusing in the very beginning. Sure, it sounded easy. Just get a space, some shelving, and put on your stuff on it and you should be good, right? You, probably, realized after that you do not know what that shelving is called. You could get on Amazon to try to buy the shelving but, if you did, then you saw that the shelving was not appropriate for your inventory. It is too small and could not handle your product. The question becomes, after you look around a bit and struggle to find the things you need, what are those shelving units in warehouses called?

Why you are having a hard time finding it

It might take a while to find the real answer to this question here. The answer is that the shelving is called pallet rack, or pallet racks, depending on how many you need. Truthfully, this is not easy to find out either. The reason is that the industry calls them by their given industry name, “pallet rack” and you call them something like “industrial shelving.” Search engines do not understand language like we do. It takes them a while to figure out that pallet rack and industrial shelving are the same things. In fact, there are queries out there right now where the search engines have not found out that two different words mean the same thing. What does this mean for you? Your search for shelving in a warehouse turns into 30 mins to hours of frustrating searches until someone finally shows up in the results.

Long story short, how do you get that “shelving in a warehouse” search to turn into an industrial-strength shelving unit for your particular business? You search for a pallet rack or you find a site like this and they have it for you. We do, but more on that later, because there are other things to know. The reality is there are many different types of pallet rack that you can choose from and some types are better than others for what you need them to do.

What do you actually need?

The first question to ask yourself, especially because we cannot see your business or talk to you right now, is what type of business are you? If you are a business that needs to run a first in and first out kind of inventory system then you might want to consider a solution like a pallet flow rack. A pallet flow rack follows FIFO by design. It automatically refills the last pallet removed with the next oldest with gravity. No electricity required by the system. Other systems follow last in and first out like push back rack systems. There are also other systems like a drive-in rack, pallet rack shuttle system, cantilever rack, and the one you probably are looking for which is a selective rack.

Selective Rack is, likely, the one you are searching for right now

A selective rack is most like the shelving you have at home. It is a shelf where you put the product. It is the most common rack out there because it is easy to understand. Is it the best for your situation? Sometimes but not always true for some companies but companies use it anyway. What makes it selective? It is selective because it offers the most selectivity of any pallet rack. You can arrange the shelves however you want and select whatever product or pallet you want off the shelf without something else blocking it. Granted, this is true when you have not buried the product or pallet behind others.

You should know that the shelving has a specific name. The name you will find is pallet rack. Where can you get it? You can get it right here on this website. Get the pallet rack you need by clicking the link. Call us using the information in the footer if you want to talk person to person about your specific needs.

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