Work Platform for a Forklift – What You Should Know

Forklift Safety Cage

Work Platform for a Forklift – What You Should Know

What else is this thing called? I had trouble finding it.

You will sometimes find this forklift cage referred to as a man cage. It is most likely because of the shape of the forklift. It could also be because of the safety mesh put on the cage to make sure that no fingers or limbs get cut off when you are facing towards the forklift. You may also see this particular item referred to as a man basket as well. They all mean the same thing and that is a work platform for a forklift.

Is this intended for long uses or work that takes a while?

No. A scissor lift is the preferred answer by most local governments. A forklift safety cage, in most local government eyes, is for quick jobs. Moreover, a temporary solution for most jobs. If you need to reach a high place quickly then you can use this lift in a pinch but safety inspectors would rather see a scissor lift used if at all possible.

I’ve seen a couple of these and they were tiny. How big is yours?

The one we carry, in particular, has enough room to fit two people. We would not recommend you put two people into this platform while working. The work platform holds one person at a time. However, you could fit two people standing back to back comfortably, in most cases, if it was on the ground and not in use on a forklift. Standing side by side would not work on this platform. The design of the platform does not allow for this usage. Therefore, it could be dangerous if attempted. A person stands in the center of this forklift. Standing in the middle during raising or lowering with his or her hands on the safety rails is the intended usage of the work platform.

What is that chain in the back for anyway?

The chain on the back of this item secures the cage to the forklift. It is an added feature to help protect you or your employees in case of an emergency. Using the safety chain is smart. It is better to have the extra backup in case there is a problem. Many local governments recommend that your forklift settings do not allow your hydraulic lifting mechanism to drop the basket. In addition, they also want to set your cage to move no faster than 135 feet per minute.

If you are looking for a work platform for a forklift then this could be the one for you. Have a look at the platform by clicking the link in this sentence. If you have more questions then call us. You can find the number in the footer.

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