Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is designed for storage of long items: lumber, pipes, steel, tubing, building products and more.


Cantilever systems can be designed to fit your specifications.


  • Uprights can be single- or double-sided and 6ft to 30ft tall (most popular: 12ft or 16ft)
  • Arms can be up to 72” long (most popular: 4ft)
  • Bracing can space the uprights 2 to 6 ft apart (most popular: 4ft or 5ft)

Structural vs Roll Formed Cantilever Racking

Cantilever comes in two common types: Structural and Roll Formed. Structure cantilever uses steel beams for the uprights, bases, and arms. Roll Formed cantilever is created using coiled sheet metal that is rolled into the necessary shape. A structural cantilever is typically more heavy-duty and has a higher capacity than Roll Formed cantilever. The two styles are not interchangeable. Roll-formed arms will not fit on a structural cantilever upright, and vice versa.

The capacity of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever can come in any size you need to support nearly any capacity. When considering capacity, be aware that there are two capacities to keep in mind: upright capacity and arm capacity. For safe storage, be sure that both the arms and uprights meet your capacity requirements.


Capacities are based on a “Uniform Distributed Load” (UDL). This means that the weight is distributed evenly over the arms the items are resting on. For example, consider that you have a bundle of lumber 10 ft long that weighs 3000 lbs, and you place it on three cantilever arms. The UDL would be 1,000 lbs per arm.


To determine your capacity requirements, determine the amount of weight that will be distributed on each arm and each upright. Calculate the weight of your bundle, and divide by the number of uprights that will support it. This tells you the minimum capacity needed per arm.

Arm Capacity

Most structural cantilever arms supports 1500 to 5000 lbs per arm, though they can be extended to over 18,000 lbs per arm. Our best-selling cantilever arms have a 2500lb capacity. This tends to be the capacity that works with most applications, yet still provides a great value.

Upright Capacity

Most structural cantilever uprights support a capacity around 5000-15000lbs per side, though capacities can extend to over 56,000 lbs per upright. Our top selling cantilever uprights have a 13,000lb capacity per side.


Cantilever upright capacities are typically stated per side. Double-sided uprights can store twice the capacity as single sided uprights. Placing weight on both sides of the cantilever helps to balance the cantilever system.


As with Pallet racking, most city/county governments require permits for your cantilever racking. In order to be permitted, racking must have undergone the necessary testing and seismic calculations (some mid-west states with no seismic activity may not have this requirement). Make sure the pallet racking that you purchase can be permitted.


We frequently receive calls from customers who tell us that they bought some racking from a different company many years ago, and they just had an inspection from the Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal required them to permit the racking or take it down. Without the proper testing and calculations, they are required to pay thousands of dollars for stress testing the racking. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to replace the racking entirely than to have racking tested.


Be sure that the racking you buy has already been tested and has the necessary calculations required for permitting. The cantilever we sell will have this required testing already performed, so you can rest easy knowing you will be able to permit your racking.


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