Construction Equipment, Hardware, and Fire Protection Businesses

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Pallet Racks for construction storage. Cantilever Racks for Pipes and Other Long Heavy Objects:

Providing safety equipment, work tools, and other things that the construction or fire safety worlds need is a great thing. You should have more room to do it and one of the best ways to do so is to by getting industrial construction storage solutions. Pallet racks can hold all that equipment. You might even need cantilever racks to hold pipes that you will use to do sprinkler jobs in the fire suppression/protection business. If you have smaller items then plastic storage bins might be what you need. You will also need a wire mesh deck. If you are in the fire protection/suppression industry then you know exactly why you do need these mesh decks. It is because it allows sprinklers to pass water through to the bottom of your racks. The result of that fact is that you will gain more of an ability to stack your product vertically. A great thing when you are trying to serve a lot of people and industries. You may also want to consider a push back rack system because it will allow you to pack as many products into a predefined space as possible.

Safety Products:

You provide safety products which means that you should be concerned about the safety of your crew as well. You will want to check the condition of your pallet rack safety clips often to make sure that they are in good repair. Check them carefully because the clips can look like they are in good repair but are not securing the pallet rack anymore. You can make sure that you are or your employees are protected by also using pallet rack safety pins as well. You get double the protection and can make rack levels much safer when used properly. If you have forklifts in your business then you should also have column guards and RAMguards to protect your pallet racks from taking damage from your forklifts. You can even stack these the full length of your rack to get as much protection as possible. Remember that each level of a pallet rack can hold, depending on what you order, 2500 lbs per level. It is a lot of weight that could come crashing down upon you or your employees.

Modular Offices:

In-plant, warehouse, or factory modular offices can make where your office is located much more flexible. You do not even have to use the modular office as an office. It can be a shipping and receiving room, it could be a storage room, it could be a break room, or just about anything you need. The modular office will come with electricity hook-ups and ways to hook-up heating and cooling systems. Best of all, you can tear this down and build it back up quickly. It is not part of your building. Another plus because that means that it may not require as much work to get a permit for this amenity in your location. It varies from place to place but we can help you get through the process no matter where you are located.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

Adding a second level to your warehouse storage may be something that can increase your profits over time. If you need or want one of these second-level areas for your warehouse then you should know that you do not have to build onto the building to get it. You can get a mezzanine work platform. It is not attached to your building which also could mean, like the modular office above, that it could have less red tape to make it legal to use in your business.

Warehouse Design:

Not sure if you can fit these in your warehouse? Would you like to retool the warehouse for better efficiency? We can do a warehouse CAD layout for you. A CAD layout lets you see your warehouse from different perspectives which means you will get to see how the workflows in your business. You can optimize the processes so that things leave quicker or things are safer for your workers.

Pallet Rack Permits:

Of course, none of this is possible if you cannot get through the permit process. We can help you deal with the necessary agencies and we will be there every step of the way. We will work on your behalf to get your permits in a timely fashion using the knowledge we have gathered from getting permits for businesses just like yours.

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