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Pallet Rack Drone Storage for Drone Makers or Suppliers:

You, as a drone maker need to store your stuff in a very secure fashion. You make a high-quality product that people will pay top dollar to procure. It makes sense to get the best possible industrial drone storage shelving unit you can. Doing so will make sure that your product is safe. The other thing about your product is that it is somewhat fragile. You want it to reach your customer in a condition that is usable. A usable condition means that they are far less likely to complain. It also means that you are far less likely to get a returned product. That is the exact reason why not every shelving unit will do for your product. A consumer-level product or shelving unit is only going to hold 800 pounds in total. An industrial shelving rack system, like a pallet rack, can hold 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight per level. These pallet racks, if you get them from the right company, come with seismic calculations. The calculations can make it easier to get a permit in your area. They also give you peace of mind. Someone has looked at the possibility that a seismic movement can make them unstable. You do not want to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because of a rack-level that has fallen to the floor. It costs money to make the product that you carry. Protecting the drone should be a high priority for you.

Selective Rack:

Your needs change whether you sell to the consumers yourself or if you sell to companies who will sell it for you. There are certain ones of you out there reading this paragraph who sell to both crowds which makes your warehouse also unique. However, in any of these cases, one of the best pallet racks to have in your business is a selective rack. A selective rack is most like the shelving units you have at home. You can stock and place products on your shelves as you wish at home. It is the same with a selective rack. It is the reason why, if you are dealing with consumers, that you will want a selective rack. You cannot predict which units off your shelves are going to move and which ones are going to sit for a while. You will, likely, have to take the product out of the boxes and placed them individually on the shelf. Your shipping team will pick them off the shelves and send them to where they need to go. Of course, this is not uncommon as most businesses that run in the e-commerce businesses do this right now.

Push Back Rack System:

However, if you are just a drone making company that only sells to companies who will sell it themselves then you may want to make use of a push back rack system. They pushback rack system follows the LIFO method of inventory storage. The LIFO method is the last in first out methods of storage. The pushback rack system allows you or your employees to load and pick the product from the same opening. The difference between this and a selective rack is that a pushback rack system makes use of specialized rollers that also make use of gravity to pull the next product to the front of the pallet rack. It does this so that you can use it for your next order. No one even has to touch the product in order to get it to sit in front. This system will do it all by itself even without the aid of electricity. It is a high-density storage solution because it allows you to store a lot of product in a very defined area. A lot of these systems make use of vertical storage. You can store a lot of pallets or boxes of a product, as it were, on pushback rack systems.

Decking Choice:

If you are going to be storing vertically then another decision you need to make is what type of decking you are going to use. Almost everyone’s mind goes immediately to getting some type of wood support for their products. The use of wood supports for pallet rack decking does cause a few problems. Specifically, we are looking at problems that take away your ability to stack vertically. The first problem is that wood is very flammable. A lot of what has to do with vertical storage, as far as permits, has to do with fire suppression. Flames like to use wood as fuel.  The fact makes wood harder to put out than other types of decking. Metal does not burn as easily as wood. The other problem, as it relates to fire suppression and wood support bars, is that many businesses like to push these together as much as possible so nothing can fall through. The problem with that action is that water has a hard time getting through the wood to the lower levels of your pallet rack. As a consequence, you will not be allowed to stack is high vertically as you would be able to if you chose a different decking that does have some space to allow water to run through to the lower levels of your pallet rack.

Wire Mesh Decking:

All of those reasons are why you see wire mesh decking used on most people’s pallet racks. It is because wire mesh decking allows water to run through to the bottom-most levels allowing you to stack higher vertically. Some people worry about the capacity of these wire mesh decks. The truth is that they are very strong. Wire mesh decks, as a standard version, can hold 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight. You can get versions of wire mesh decks that can hold more but the most common you see in the marketplace holds this 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight. If you have small parts for your drones then you may need plastic storage bins in order to store those parts. It is because the wire mesh deck does feature these gaps where the water can run through to the lower levels of your pallet rack. The gaps could allow smaller products to fall through. The way around that is to use plastic storage bins in the places where they need to go.

Safety Products:

You should not only be worried about the safety of your products. You also should be worried about the safety of your employees and yourself. The best way to protect yourself from a rack full of product falling on you is to get safety clips and safety pins. It is true that safety clips do come with most pallet racks. However, there is a problem with safety clips. They tend to look like they are in good repair or connected the pallet rack when they are neither. The fact that is the case means that you may get hurt or your employees make it hurt. It makes sense to check on the status of these safety clips so that this does not happen to you or your employees. The quick and easy way around this is to also get safety pins for your pallet racks. Safety pins are less likely to fail you and they last longer than safety clips. Therefore, you are getting double the protection and you are giving yourself the best chance of staying safe around your pallet racks.

Column Protection:

If you have a forklift then you need to consider the possibility that someone may make a mistake and accidentally collide with your pallet rack. The danger will exist for your product, you, the employee, the customers if they are allowed around pallet racks and anyone else in the area. The way to solve this problem is to get column guards or RAMGuards for your pallet rack. Column guards and RAMGuards are designed to take impacts from forklifts so that your pallet rack stays in good structural shape. The only problem with column guards and RAMGuards is that you need to place them appropriately where a forklift could make contact with them. Luckily, the two products are designed so that they should cover the most likely areas of contact. If you are really worried about it you can stack these products on top of each other. As a result, your rack is fully protected. Obviously, there is a cost to benefit ratio that needs to be considered here but you should know that it is possible.

Modular Offices:

If you have a high-value product like a drone in your warehouse then you will probably want to keep an eye on it or have someone do that for you. One of the best ways you can do this is to get a modular office in place within your warehouse. You can place security professionals within that warehouse office to watch your product. A modular office does not have to be used for that purpose if you do not need it. You could use the warehouse office to do administrative work. You could use it for your shipping department so that they have a place for their manager to work. Everyone can access that manager because the modular office is in the warehouse. A modular warehouse office is a versatile tool that you can use for your business now and into the future. If you need to move it then you only need a forklift or, in some cases, a pallet jack. Either of these two tools are capable of moving it to the other side of the warehouse. A product like this does not have to be attached to the building. It also means that it requires less of a permit process than adding an office to your warehouse. The modular office also comes with hookups for heating/cooling and electricity.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

If you grow large enough then you may want to add a second level of storage. A good way to do this without adding to the structure of your building is to get a mezzanine work platform. A work platform allows you to put more industrial storage solutions on the second level. It effectively doubles your storage capacity. The best part about this is that you do not need to build it on to your building. It is similar to the modular office where it is somewhat mobile. A lot of these mezzanine work platforms are custom-tailored for the warehouse that they reside inside of right now. Therefore, if you want to move it somewhere else then you may have a hard time fitting it. It was designed to sit where it originally sat. For example, if you have a stairway in your warehouse, plant, or factory then your mezzanine work platform will have to be built around it. If you plan to move it somewhere else without a staircase then you may have a hard time setting it up. The platform will not work without that particular stairway to be in the way. That is the exact reason why you do not see very many mezzanine warehouse platforms for sale as use products. You could, if you wanted, have your mezzanine work platform created so that it could fit a variety of different warehouses, factories, or plants.

Warehouse Design:

If you want help figuring out how to fit all of your processes and products into your warehouse, factory, or plant then we can help. It is a daunting task figuring out how to set up a warehouse for maximum efficiency and storage. A warehouse cad layout can help you figure out where you should put things so that your workflows through unimpeded and efficient. You will be able to see your warehouse in many different perspectives. The views should allow you to see where possible problems lie in how to avoid them.

Pallet Rack Permits:

Finally, you will have to go through a permit process in most locations. If you have never dealt with the permit process for a warehouse, factory, or plant then you should get the help.  An action such as that will get you back to work doing what you do best. There is an upside to working with a company that has experience. If they talk to the permit agencies often then they will know little tips and tricks about working with them. They may have also worked with businesses like yours and have insights. They may have insights on how to set up your warehouse for maximum efficiency. All it costs is working with a reputable company that can help you get those permits that you need to run your warehouse.

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