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Pallet Racks for Desktop, Laptop, Phone, or other Electronic Devices and Electronics Storage:

Building up an electronics company is not easy. The competition level in the electronics industry is not debatable. There is a lot of competition and, depending on what type of product you make, it can be hard to educate the masses about the product you have or make. The last thing you want to worry about is how to stock the item. Pallet racks, or selective racks, are versatile and can hold the product you have or make. You can choose how you want to use the shelves because they work like the shelving units you have at home. The difference is that they can hold 2500 lbs, or more if you ask us to provide that, per level. If you need a higher density system or the ability to pack a lot into your allotted space then you will want a push-back rack system. A system like that will allow you to pick and pull your product from the same area while allowing you to stack vertically. The system automatically pulls the next product or pallet forward after you remove the previous one. You can use a wire mesh deck for your pallet rack as the item that your product will sit on in the rack. Wire mesh deck also has a 2500 lbs capacity. However, many laptop/desktop selling companies opt for pallet support bars. If you need help figuring out what pallet rack type and decking type you should have then call us at 503-447-1284 and we will assist you.

Safety Products for Electronics Storage Solutions:

Forklifts are essential in most businesses. You can greatly lessen the chances of the forklift doing damage to your pallet racks with the use of column guard or RAMguards. You can stack these products so that they protect the full height of your pallet rack as well. Another thing to think about is how secure your pallet rack levels are on your shelves. Safety clips are usually included with pallet racks but they tend to wear down. A fact you might not know is that they may look fully functional even when worn down. Checking them periodically and replacing them is very smart. You can have a look at the safety clips we carry in that link there. You may want to supplement that with safety pins which are more durable and last longer.

Modular Offices:

If your operation is big enough then a modular office in your warehouse will be a large boon to your business. In fact, if your office is in the warehouse then you probably want some privacy anyway. The modular office does not have to be an office either. It can be a break room, a storage room, or whatever you need it to be short of a bathroom as most of these do not come with the necessary hookups for that type of usage. They do, however, come with the right hookups for air conditioning/heating and electricity. If you decide to move the office somewhere else then you can disassemble it and move it to where it needs to go. It is not attached to the building so it is movable. It means, likely, that it has fewer permit processes than other structures you could get that would become part of the building.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

Want to, potentially, double the electronics storage space you have available in your warehouse? You may want a mezzanine work platform to add that second level of storage. It is not attached to the building which means it probably has less work to get a permit in most locations. The unit can be dissembled and it is usually developed to fit your warehouse like a glove. It is a very useful addition if you are at the point in your business where it makes sense. If you are an eCommerce company dealing on Amazon then keeping that Prime order inventory overfill inventory on this work platform might be smart.

Warehouse Design:

Not sure how to design everything so it will fit in your warehouse? Wondering how to optimize the workflow in your warehouse? We can help with a CAD warehouse layout. We have helped other companies like yours to get their warehouses optimized for production, shipping, or other tasks. Use that experience to help you set yours up for success. You will also get a top-down view of how your warehouse processes will work. You can augment them for efficiency using this layout. Optimize your electronics storage using this method.

Pallet Rack Permits:

The permit process can be very daunting as an electronics company or device maker. It is not what you do. That is where we come into the picture. We have worked with other businesses like you. We know what it takes to get your storage to the point where you can start thinking about stacking vertically. Stacking vertically is great for a business that has to deal with Amazon’s Prime program. If you are part of the Prime selling and shipping program then you need to ship it out as soon as possible to make the necessary time frames. Waiting for it to come in from somewhere is not going to fly. You could have your Prime selling abilities shut off. Get help by letting us help you figure out how to store your product higher so you can make more profits.

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