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Pallet Rack Survival Shelf Storage Systems for Emergency Preparedness Companies:

Being ready for a crisis is an honorable thing to do. However, it takes a lot of planning and storage space. One of the best things you can do to be prepared for such a crisis is to have a warehouse that is prepared and planned out. You want this because that means you can scale up to meet the demand as quickly as possible. This also has to take into account what type of storage methodology you must employ in your business in order to have effective products for the populace. If they have to be disseminated at a particular time before going bad then you should get a survival shelf rack system. The rack system allows you to follow that method of inventory storage by default.

The Best Survival Shelf. A Pallet Rack:

The pallet rack type that does this is a pallet flow rack. Gravity flow rack is the other name you will find. These types of racks use gravity and specially designed rollers to control how quickly the product rolls the front of the rack. It does this after something is picked off of the shelf. It does not use electricity to do this action. A perfect sort of rack for an emergency when you might not know if you will have electricity but you still need to get your products out the door.

If you do not have to worry about FIFO methods then you might want to consider getting a push back rack system. A pushback rack system is almost the reverse of a pallet flow rack in that you load the products in the front where you also pick the product. Therefore, the new product is leaving before older products. What this system does allow is a high amount of product to be stored in a determined area. It also makes use of rollers and gravity to pull the product forward. The system uses no electricity. Remember that this is best for businesses that do not have to follow the FIFO inventory system.

Selective Rack:

If you do not want to deal with those rack types then a selective rack might be what you need. A selective rack lets you choose how you will store your products. You can run FIFO methods or LIFO, or last in-first out, with your rack levels. It is named selective because of this fact. You are the person selecting how you want to store and pick products. It is the most like the shelves you see in your home. You get to pick what goes where and how it leaves your shelves.


You need to consider what type of decking you need for your rack levels. A lot of people and/or companies select wood support bars, however, they do present problems if you do select these as your decking of choice. The first problem is that wood support bars are flammable. If you are an emergency relief or a preparedness business then what you have is very important and can save lives. It is important to protect it as much as you can and wood support bars could cause them to be more likely to catch on fire. Another thing having to do with fire suppression and wood support bars is that it is popular to push them together so that there is no gap between them. If that situation exists then your sprinkler cannot reach the bottom-most levels of your pallet rack. If it cannot reach them then could lose a lot of product if you have a fire in your warehouse.

Wire mesh decking for your survival shelf:

Wire mesh decks may be your best choice. They have gaps that allow water to flow through to the bottom layers of your pallet rack. The most common and standard version of these can handle 2500 lbs of uniformly distributed weight. You can get other versions that have more capacity. If you need a higher capacity wire mesh deck then you should call us at 503-447-1284 and we can help you get what you need. Notwithstanding, they are strong, allow water to past through to the lower levels, and durable. They also will last longer than wood support bars.

Safety Products for Your Survival Shelf:

Safety is a big concern around these pallet racks because of the amount of product and weight contained on each rack level. Many racks can become unstable if they have accidental contact with a forklift. If it is unstable then the product could fall on you or your employees. A situation you definitely want to avoid. A good way to do this is to make use of a column guard or a RAMguard. Both of these products protect your pallet rack by absorbing any accidental contact between your pallet rack and your forklift. They are stackable as well. The total height of your survival shelf pallet rack can be protected. But, honestly, most people only make use of two on a particular level. You can choose how you want to set up your column guards or RAMguards but they are good items to have to protect your pallet rack from sustaining damage.

Safety Clips:

Another thing to be aware of, since companies usually include safety clips with a pallet rack order, is that safety clips can become disconnected from the rack level as things are placed and removed from the levels. The problem is that it will look like these clips are connected correctly but they are disconnected. You need to check clips often to make sure that they doing what they are supposed to be doing. They can degrade over time as well and you will have to replace them. Checking them often is a good idea.

Safety Pins:

A good way to make sure that they do not come down on you is to make use of a safety pin on your pallet rack in addition to your safety clip. If your safety clip fails then you will still have the safety pin to protect you and your employees from a rack-level that could fall on you. Safety pins tend to last longer. They do not get disconnected as easily. If you had to make a choice between a safety clip and a safety pin then a safety pin may be a better idea. It lasts longer and tends not to get disconnected as easily as a safety clip.

Rack Guards:

If you are worried about your pallet rack being sideswiped by a forklift then you may want to consider getting a rack guard for your pallet rack. A rack guard will help protect your rack from sideswipes from pallet jacks and forklifts. Keep in mind that a forklift will have to have its arms lowered to have protection from the arms of the forklift. It will protect against the wheels and some of the body of the forklift, however. What would work is using a rack guard with a column protection solution.

Safety Nets:

If you are worried about your product falling off the back of your racks then you can get pallet rack straps or pallet rack safety nets. They help keep your aisleways clear of fallen products. Also, they help to make sure that no product drops on your employees from behind the rack.  In some cases, the front of the survival shelf as well. Of course, this is dependent on where you place the safety net. In fact, a sliding safety net is probably best for this especially if your business is a pick and pack style business.

Guard Rails for your Survival Shelf:

A guard rail can also help against sideswipes as a guard rail can provide good protection for walkways and pallet racks. They are painted with safety yellow color. Forklifts can see them clearly and avoid them. The product also can be used for conveyor belt systems. They are able to handle 10,000 lbs moving at 5 mph.

Modular Offices:

If you have valuable products, especially in a health crisis or any type of crisis, then you will want to protect your items. You or one of your managers can be a deterrent by having an office in the warehouse, plant, or factory. But, you can also use this modular office for many other uses. A modular office has hookups for AC and heat. It also has electrical hookups. If the use case you have in mind makes use of one or both of those hookups then you should be able to use the modular office in your warehouse. Keep in mind that this is a very mobile solution. If you decide that it should be somewhere else in your warehouse, plant, or factory then you can move it quickly where it needs to go.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

Something that you should definitely consider adding to your warehouse, plant, or factory is the 2nd level of storage. You never know what you will need during a crisis, therefore, storing product is a very good thing to do. A mezzanine work platform is perfect for you. It can be broken down, moved, or stored because it is not part of the building. It can move with you if you need it to do so. There is a caveat to that, however. Your work platform has to be made in a certain way so that it fits other warehouses. Many of the mezzanine work platforms out there are custom made for the warehouse in which they are placed. You will have to make sure that it is designed to fit almost any building. Otherwise, you may not be able to use it in your new location. Notwithstanding, it is an excellent addition to your work. It allows you to double the storing capacity of your warehouse, factory, or plant. It becomes 2nd level on which you can store products.

Warehouse Design:

How do you get that mezzanine work platform, mobile office, extra pallet racks in the future, to fit? You plan for an emergency ahead of time by using a CAD warehouse layout. A CAD warehouse layout will allow you to see everything about your factory, plant, or warehouse and will allow you to plan things out appropriately for future growth or crisis situations.

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