Products and Services for Indoor Gardening, Urban Farmers, and Vertical Growers

indoor plant rack

Vertical Grow Racks, Garden Beams, and more:

Looking for an industrial-strength indoor plant rack for your business? You have come to the right place because we help indoor gardeners and urban farmers just like you all the time. If you have grown to the level where getting a pallet rack as your garden rack then you have to be commended. It is not an easy business at all. If you want a mobile grow rack then you can add these wheels to your rack and have 360 degrees of possible motion. You may also want to consider these garden beams which are also known as pallet rack beams. You may want to also consider getting a pallet jack in order to move supplies around.

Safety Products:

Garden racks and get heavy quick. An issue you might note be aware of is that safety clips can wear down. You may want to replace them periodically. You can also back them up with a safety pin which tends to be more durable. Have a look at our safety clips and safety pins by clicking the links.

Modular Offices:

Protecting your product is a concern for almost any indoor grower. If you want a better vantage point to observe the work in your warehouse then why not have the office in your warehouse? If that sounds like a good idea then have a look at this modular office in your warehouse solution. Just want to store your tools in the warehouse? Need a break room? A drying room? A modular office can do all of that and more. You can move it as your needs change as well. It comes with AC and an electrical system hook up as well. Perfect for your needs.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

Thought about a second level for your growing operation? You might be able to do it with a mezzanine work platform. It is typically used for storage but you are a grower. You might be able to grow your products on it. Find out more about a mezzanine work platform by clicking the link. Call us and find out if it is appropriate for your business. You can reach us by calling 503-447-1284.

Warehouse Design:

Your warehouse set up feel like it is in a state of disarray? We can help you maximize the workflow and efficiency of your operation with a CAD warehouse design. It will give you a top down view of your business and can give you a good idea of things you need to watch out for in your business. You can also plan out for the future that may include things like a mezzanine work platform or a modular office.

Pallet Rack Permits:

Does the permit process have you worried? We can deal with that problem for you. We have dealt with those issues before and we can definitely help you get through your indoor plant rack permit process. Give us a call at 503-447-1284 or visit that link to learn more.

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