Industrial Storage Solutions for Government Agencies

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Pallet Rack Government Storage Systems:

If you are a government agency who is required to follow first-in-first-out protocol then you will want to have a look at these pallet racks or give us a call at 503-447-1284 to get pallet flow racks. Pallet flow racks are specially designed for FIFO procedures. Medical based government agencies dealing with time-sensitive products will love these racks. Law enforcement agencies could use these pallet racks to upgrade their storage capabilities. The racks hold 2500 lbs of evidence per shelf. A perfect rack for an organization that may not always know what the evidence might look like when it comes to your organization.

Safety Products for Government Storage Systems:

Government health agencies may be employing the use of pallet racks in order to disseminate medicine in times of need. The safety of the product and the worker are critical in these cases. It makes sense to have pallet protection products such as column guards or RAMguards in order to protect the rack, the product, and the worker. You may also want to consider getting new safety clips as yours could have worn down. You can also supplement them with more durable safety pins. They make sure that a shelf full of medicine or evidence, in the case of a law enforcement agency, does not fall on an employee.

Modular Offices:

A modular office in your warehouse may not only be useful for either a health agency and a law enforcement agency but essential. If you want to make sure that your product is secure, or want to have employees close to the warehouse where the medicine or evidence is located, then it makes sense to have it inside the warehouse, plant, or building. Read more about it in the link above.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

There are times when one level is not sufficient. All of your product that needs to go into the warehouse may not fit. If that is the case then you will want a mezzanine work platform. A second level created from a mezzanine work platform may be perfect for what you have in mind. You can read more about it from the previous link.

Warehouse Design:

You may want a CAD warehouse design in order to maximize the space that you can use in your everyday activities. It will reveal problems that you might not have otherwise seen. It also can optimize your work processes for expediting medicine or evidence.

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