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Pallet rack solutions for law enforcement agencies:

A law enforcement agency may run out of storage very quickly. Evidence storage is very important. However, dealing with a budget that is never big enough is a problem. As a result, it makes sense to get as much room as possible while spending the very least. One of the best ways to do this is to store vertically. You never know what evidence is going to look like when it comes to your place of work. What you really need is an industrial shelving system that is strong. It should have a lot of room for whatever you might be handed. A pallet rack storage system might be perfect for what you need. A standard pallet rack can handle 2500 pounds of product. A pallet rack can hold more than 2500 lbs. However, they are not as commonly seen as the standard pallet rack sizes. Moreover, you must also keep in mind that we are talking about uniformly distributed weights which, in all fairness, works well for most people. However, you might find some times when this is not what you need. But, for the most part, the standard pallet rack will work for your use case.

Evidence Storage and Wire Mesh Decking:

Another question you are going to have to ask yourself, if you are getting a pallet rack, is what kind of decking you will use for the shelf levels. The most common type of decking is the wire mesh deck. Wire mesh decking can also hold 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight. In addition, it also allows sprinkler systems to spread their water all the way to the bottom of your rack. A plus if there is ever a fire in your evidence room or evidence storage area. It makes sense to have plastic storage bins in order to hold those products in place. The wire mesh decks are good at holding things up to the size of a smaller cell phone. Moreover, modern phones are larger and will not fall through but smaller older models may. A plastic storage bin will solve this problem.

Safety Products:

There are a few products that you may want to consider for safety reasons. If you have a warehouse big enough then you probably have a forklift. The problem with forklifts is that they are easy to mishandle. People stop appreciating them for what they are and lose a sense of danger over time. It is this comfortability with the machine that brings possibilities of accidents. Accidental contact between a pallet rack and a forklift can bring down a lot of product on somebody. We are talking about 2500 pounds worth of products or evidence. Obviously, this is something that you want to avoid. Subsequently, your first defense against this is safety clips. Many pallet racks come with safety clips included. They are good products that do what they say they will do. The problem is that the safety clip tends to get moved around when things get put on a shelf. A safety clip will become loose over time because of the amount of movement on the rack level. The whole shelving unit will be unstable. The bad part about this is that the shelving unit may not look like it has a problem. In fact, the safety clip will probably look like it does not have a problem either. It is this fact that is so dangerous. As a result, if you want to avoid this problem then backing up your safety clip with a safety pin is a good idea. It might seem like a little bit of overkill. However, when you consider that a rack-level can hold 2500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight then you can see why you would want to have double the protection.

Column Protection:

We did talk about the forklift in the previous paragraph and how a collision can cause accidents. If you want to defend yourself, or your coworkers, against these then you need to consider getting column guards or RAMguards for your pallet racks. A column guard or RAMguard is designed to take the impact from a forklift and leave the structural integrity of the pallet rack intact. Of course, this means placing your column guard in a place where it is more likely to take the contact. Luckily, most of the column guards cover a good portion of a pallet rack. You could buy enough column guards completely cover your pallet rack. However, we do have to note that most companies who have column protection usually only have two of these on their evidence storage racks. There is one on the left side and there is one on the right side. Subsequently, it is up to you how much protection you think you and your colleagues need against a rack full of evidence or products falling on you or them.

Modular Offices:

Another thing you may want to consider for your warehouse is to get a modular office. The modular office is an office that can be moved by a forklift. There are some cases where a pallet jack works as well. A mobile office works well as almost any style of a room. The only caveats are those with gas for cooking or sewage hookups. A modular office will have an air conditioning/heater and electrical hookup. As a result, you can use this office as evidence storage, break room, or an administrative office, or if you just want to manager to be in the room with an eye on all the product. Notwithstanding, if you find your needs change then you can move the mobile office to across the warehouse or change its usage as you see fit.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

If you have considered adding a second level to your warehouse then you may want to hold off on looking for a way to add it on to your building. You can get a mezzanine work platform instead. You can use that work platform to store your evidence or products. The best part about a mezzanine work platform is that it is not attached to a building. Therefore, you can move it around within reason. Subsequently, we say within reason because many of these mezzanine work platforms are custom-made to fit into the warehouses where they reside. It is the reason that you do not see many mezzanine work platforms being sold as used. As a result, they tend to be very individualized for the space where they are used. However, you could theoretically move one of these mezzanine platforms and have it fit somewhere else. It just is unlikely. Therefore, you could plan it out from the beginning so that you could make a mezzanine work platform that will fit in almost any place in your warehouse.

Warehouse Design:

You are very busy because you are a law enforcement agent. The last thing you want to worry about is how to design your warehouse to hold all the evidence that will come to or that you already possess. Therefore, if you do not want to handle it on your own then we can definitely assist you with planning. As a result, we can help you plan how your workflow and pallet racks should be set up in your place of work. We can do a CAD warehouse layout that will allow you to plan out your warehouse so that it all makes sense and it runs efficiently. In other words, you can even make plans, in the future, to have a modular office or a mezzanine work platform put in at a later date.

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