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Government Healthcare Storage Systems for Health-Related Organisations:

The picture to the right, or below, depending on what device you are using to browse this site, is one from Australia’s pandemic/biological attack preparedness warehouses that are full of face masks, antibiotics, vaccines, and hand sanitizers according to ABC.net.au.1 If you work for or are in charge of one of these health organizations then you might be trying to set one of these up for your work as well. If you are then what you need is pallet rack. Pallet rack is holding all of that product in the picture you see there. The specific type of pallet rack used in this picture, from what we can tell, is the selective rack. However, if you are holding medical supplies that do go out of date then you might want to consider a pallet flow or gravity flow rack. They load from behind the machine so that newer product is behind the older product that should be picked first. The older product leaves from the front of the government healthcare storage system. The pallet flow or pallet rack system uses gravity and specially built rollers to slide the next oldest product forward without any need for a human to move it or electricity. The system will keep working even if the power goes out which, in an emergency, can be a great feature to have on hand. Keep in mind that our most commonly sold pallet rack holds 2500 lbs of uniformly distributed weight. You can get other capacities on our pallet rack page if you need them. You can also call us at 503-447-1284 to talk about any other pallet rack capacities you need or to have us custom fabricate a pallet rack for you.

Safety Products:

If you have pallet racks then you will have to be wary of a few safety issues. You can deal with the issues by the use of safety products designed to protect you, your workers, and our product from sustaining possible damage. Safety clips are the first line of defense for most people because they are usually included with a pallet rack. The truth is that these items work great but tend to wear down over time. Safety clips tend to look in good working order but they are not in reality. They can, potentially, cause a rack-level of product to come down on an unsuspecting person or person in a forklift. A good answer to this problem is to have safety pins. Safety pins are more sturdy and last longer. If you have both on your pallet rack then you have double the protection where one can back up the other. Another important safety product you may want to consider is a column guard or RAMguard. These items are essential if you are operating a forklift anywhere near your pallet racks. Collisions between pallet racks and forklifts can bring down the whole system. The best way to protect against that is to have the structure protected by either a column guard or RAMguard. Many businesses make the use of several around key points of their pallet rack in order to make sure that this does not happen.

Modular Offices:

If you have a product then you will have to have someone to watch it. They will make sure it is not leaving the warehouse. If you have a manager or someone in charge of that then you probably want them in your warehouse, plant, or factory. Every situation is different. We cannot know what you do or where you do it. But having a person there, in your building with your product is a good thing. You do not even have to use one of these products as an office as you can use it for any purpose you deem fit. If you need a break room then it will work like that as well. If you need an administration office then you can get that too. A modular office is made to be malleable to your needs and it also is mobile as well. You can move it to where you need it if your needs change or if you need the room for something else. A forklift, or, in some cases, a pallet jack is all you need to move it somewhere else. Most of these modular offices come with heat and electricity hook-ups. Therefore, you will not have a problem using them for almost any application you have in mind.

Mezzanine Work Platforms:

If you are having a problem with the amount of storage you have in your building then adding a second level might be a good thing to do. A way to do that quicker than adding to the building itself is to get a mezzanine work platform. The mezzanine work platform is similar to the modular office is not attached to the building at all. However, most of these items are made custom for the building in which they will go. Many warehouses have unique features such as stairs or existing equipment. The design of a mezzanine should work in concert with those design elements. Therefore, you do not see too many of these being used as a product. Notwithstanding, if you need to add to your storage capacity then adding a second level to your warehouse may just be what you need.

Warehouse Design:

Are you feeling totally overwhelmed by the thought of trying to design this storage facility by yourself? We can help you. You can have us do a CAD warehouse design for you. You will get a top-down view and other perspectives on your proposed facility.  Use those to plan your organization’s workflow. We can also help you through the process of selecting your pallet rack types. Optimally setting up for what you need to do is something we can help you do. Call us at 503-447-1284 and we will help you as much as possible with all of this or any questions you may have.


Sas, N., Wylie, B., & Specialist Reporting Team. (2020, February 29). Masks, antibiotics and hand sanitisers: Amid coronavirus, Australia’s secret medical stockpile is now open. Retrieved from https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-29/coronavirus-covid19-causes-national-medical-stockpile-to-open/12003980

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