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There are warehouses, and then there are aviation warehouses. The space required to build, store, and repair aircraft dwarfs just about any other industry.

Yet, despite the size and weight of the aircraft itself and many of its components, some of the parts needed to build a plane are small and delicate. That’s why organization and optimal use of space are critical for aviation storage and maintenance.

This article will examine the factors and solutions that can make your aviation facility run more efficiently.

Special Considerations for Aviation Storage

Storing and maintaining an aircraft is more complicated than with other vehicles. In addition to dealing with the sheer size and weight of the craft itself, the aviation storage facility manager must comply with federal regulations in all aviation storage areas.

Here are some of the unique considerations for aviation storage:

  • All flammable materials should be separated from other non-flammable materials. Open flammable containers are not permitted.
  • Defective components found during the maintenance process must be stored until they can be returned to the customer/operator or sent for repair.
  • Unsalvageable components must be stored until they are destroyed and appropriately discarded.
  • Sensitive parts and equipment (including oxygen system components, O-rings, and electrostatic sensitive devices) must be correctly packaged, identified, and stored.
  • Pressure containers, grease, oils, and other fluids and chemicals or hazardous materials must be stored in labeled containers in separate rooms.
  • Aircraft tires must be stored vertically.
  • Materials that can produce an electric charge (such as carpet, foam, and vinyl) must be marked and stored appropriately.
  • Temperature and humidity in the facility should be measured and recorded daily.
  • Facility access should be restricted to employees only.

Many of the procedures regarding aircraft storage are determined by the length of time the aircraft is to be stored. Short-term storage often means a period of fewer than 60 days. On the other hand, long-term storage is a time longer than 60 days. 

Benefits of Good Organization and Storage

When you store and maintain aircraft, it is crucial to make the most efficient use of your space as possible. Since a large amount of workspace is required, the storage of parts and materials needs to be well organized and easily accessible.

In addition to helping workers locate parts quickly when they need them, a well-organized system protects sensitive aerospace components from damage from dust, heat, cold, or moisture. 

Ultimately, safe storage and maintenance procedures benefit everyone on the ground and in the air.

Storage Solutions for Aviation

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Speedrack West offers many storage solutions for the aviation industry.

Selective Pallet Rack

Selective pallet rack systems can be customized to meet your facility’s unique needs. There are many different styles of pallet racking, but the most common style is the “teardrop” style. These pallet rack frames have a distinctive teardrop-shaped opening that is spaced two inches apart and allows a secure connection to the beam.

Pallet Rack Frames provide the structural support and are designed to hold substantial weight loads. Frames are made of different materials, but the strongest is steel. The beams, usually made of heavy-duty steel, are what hold the frames together. 

Decking is the shelf of the pallet rack. Wire mesh decking can support a load of up to 2,500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight. Storage bins can be used to hold small or thin items that might fall through the mesh.

Mobile Pallet Rack

Instead of being fixed to the floor, mobile pallet racks are placed on bases that are secured to tracks on the floor. The movement of the racks is powered by an electric motor and remote controllers.

Mobile racks are efficient and versatile, and they work well for heavy loads. One of the best parts is that they can be moved around large aviation warehouses to remain close while you repair or service an aircraft. 

Contact an expert today to find the right mobile rack solution for you. 

Giant Storage Containers

You can safely store and move large components with the use of Speedrack West’s large plastic stackable bins. These giant bins you see here are durable and easy to clean. Despite their storage capacity, the containers themselves weigh only four pounds each.  

giant stackable bins

Partition Cages for Sensitive Materials

You can protect sensitive or hazardous materials and tools in your aviation facility with the use of partition cages

Our RapidWire Wire Mesh Partition Cage comes in several sizes to meet your needs. Each four-sided cage has a hinged door that can be securely locked.

Safety Cage | Speedrack West

Talk With An Expert

Do you have questions about how you can better organize your aviation storage facility? The storage experts at Speedrack West will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options. We will customize designs that fit your storage needs as well as your budget.

Please give us a call today to set up your free consultation.


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