Cannabis Storage Solutions

With nearly half of American adults now living in a jurisdiction that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana at the local level, U.S. cannabis sales are booming. 

Legal sales reached $20 billion in 2020 and increased to $26 billion in 2021. Experts predict those numbers to hit a whopping $45.9 billion by 2025, making the cannabis industry larger than the craft beer industry.

To keep up with this growing demand, cannabis growers and dispensaries are looking for cannabis storage solutions for their products. This article offers information on how good organizational and storage methods will help streamline your cannabis operation and protect your products.

Cannabis Storage Solutions | Speedrack West

Special Considerations for Cannabis Storage

Many new growers fail at their first attempts because they have not researched the needs of the cannabis plant. Preparation and the right storage equipment are critical to a successful indoor operation. 

Here are factors needed for optimal indoor growth:

  • Water. Overwatering can cause the plant’s roots to choke. Under-watering can prevent the plant from regulating its temperature.
  • Temperature and humidity. Cannabis plants like things warm and dry.
  • Soil. You need to maintain the correct pH levels and provide good drainage.
  • Nutrients. Cannabis plants need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Light. As a photoperiodic plant, cannabis requires a balance of light and darkness that corresponds with its growth cycle.
  • Airflow. A cannabis grow operation requires proper ventilation to keep the plants healthy and strong.

The correct storage supplies and equipment are also essential components of a successful cannabis dispensary. 

Cannabis must be stored under specific conditions to ensure that its packaging, strength, quality, and purity are not adversely affected. It is critical for dispensary managers to follow their state rules and regulations.

Benefits of Good Organization and Storage

Whether you grow or dispense cannabis, your organizational and storage methods can help streamline your operation, provide a quality product, and ultimately run a profitable operation.

The proper shelving and racks allow the following in the grow operation:

  • high density, higher-producing yields
  • phased growing approaches
  • optimization of space 
  • increased vertical storage
  • ventilation
  • visibility
  • efficient use of resources, such as power and water
  • easy and safe access to plants and products
  • ability to expand the operation 

The correct organizational and storage methods are just as crucial in the cannabis dispensary. When storing marijuana, the primary factors to consider are temperature, light, humidity, oxygen, and the material of the container. Cannabis flowers keep best in airtight glass containers placed in a cool, dark environment.

Storage Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Speedrack West offers a selection of storage solutions that are ideal for the cannabis industry.

Pallet racks allow cultivators to maximize their indoor space and their use of resources by growing “up” rather than “out.” You can increase production by maximizing your cubic canopy footprint without increasing the square footage of your facility.

Our racks also are ideal for keeping track of your plants so that you know when they were planted, when they need watering or trimming, and when they will be ready for harvest.

For dispensaries, pallet racks and mobile pallet racks are the perfect shelving solution for storing and organizing your inventory.

Selective Pallet Rack

vertical grow rack | Speedrack West

Our selective pallet racks are sturdy, easy-to-clean, and customizable to fit the space requirements of your operation. Pallet racking is comprised of upright frames, crossbeams, and wire mesh decking. Our consultants are happy to assist you in determining the size racks you need for your cannabis storage.

Mobile Pallet Rack

mobile grow rack - cannabis storage | Speedrack West

In addition to pallet racks that you can secure to your facility’s floor, we offer mobile racks. This type of storage system allows you to move the racks, making it easy manage your space, organize your storage, and for growers to water and trim your plants.

Pallet Rack and Mobile Pallet Rack are prime options for vertical growing systems for indoor farming and commercial grow operations.

Regular Storage Containers

Warehouse Shelving Accessories | Speedrack West

These sturdy, colorful storage bins are perfect for storing supplies and products at the dispensary. You can stack or hang the containers, and, unlike metal bins, they will not rust or corrode.

Giant Storage Containers

giant stackable bins

Need something bigger? These giant, stackable bins measure 17″ x 16″ x13″ and are available in your choice of red or blue.

Wire Mesh Cages

partition cage

We also offer wire mesh cages for you to store your product safely and with adequate ventilation. Our RapidWire Wire Mesh Partition Cage is available in several sizes. Each enclosure features four sides, including a hinged, lockable door for security.

Talk With An Expert

We know that there is a big learning curve when you are launching a cannabis operation. We are here to help.

Our expert team is standing by to answer your storage questions and help you find the best storage solutions for your grow operation or dispensary. Please give us a call at Speedrack West today to schedule your free consultation.

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