Storage for Electrical Contractors

As an electrical contractor, you get used to dealing with a wide range of tools, supplies, and equipment over the course of an average workday. You handle everything from tiny fuses to giant rolls of wiring. 

But what’s the best way to store all these different products so that they are both safe and easy to find when you need them?  The solution is a customized electrician storage system that meets the needs of your growing electrical contracting business.

Storage for Electricians and Electrical Contractors | Speedrack West

Special Considerations for Electrical Contractors

When you have an electrical contracting business, you have a lot of moving parts. In addition to a brick-and-mortar warehouse facility, you rely on your vans to store what your team needs for service calls. 

Here are some other considerations to keep in mind when upgrading your storage system:

  • Small parts, wires, and tools.
  • Large, heavy tools.
  • Bulky, long wires.
  • Reels and spools.
  • Options for mobile units.
  • Health and safety.

Benefits of an Organized Electrical Storage System

When your customers need electrical work done or their power restored, there is no time to waste looking for the right tools or equipment.

A successful contractor knows what they have and where they can find it. Having a customized storage system can save you time and money as an electrical contractor.

Your fixed and mobile storage options should be clean, safe, and efficient. Drawers in cabinets of various sizes allow you to organize the tools of your trade: pliers, wire strippers, crimps, and voltage testers in convenient labeled locations.

Storage bins and dividers give you easy access to all those essential small parts, like wire-nuts, fuses, and electrical connections.

Storage Solutions for Electrical Contractors

If you’ve been wasting time hunting for supplies when you could be finishing a job, it’s time to consider a customized storage system for your electrical contracting business.

Pallet Rack Frames, Beams, Wire Decks

Pallet Racking

When it comes to storing your heavy tools and equipment, you can’t beat pallet racks. At Speedrack West, we will help you build a pallet racking system step by step. First, you’ll choose the upright frames and step beams to meet your unique storage and capacity requirements.

Then we recommend sturdy wire mesh decking as the best option for your new system. However, there are many other options for decking (depending on your storage requirements and/or available budget) and we can help guide you to the products that will meet your specific needs.

The experts at Speedrack West can guide you to the perfect storage solution for your business. Whether it’s a small addition or a complete overhaul, we’ve got you covered.

Storage Bins

Warehouse Shelving Accessories | Speedrack West

Finding the right part can be nearly impossible if all your small inventory items are lumped together in boxes or big plastic containers. Our plastic storage bins allow you to separate and label parts so that they are easy to locate—saving you time, money, and frustration.

You can select from various styles of bins, including single-stackable, nesting, or dividable grid boxes—and cantilevered shelf units.

Wire Reel RacksWire Reel Rack | Electrical Storage | Speedrack West

These racks come in pairs that attach to the left and right of reel rack brackets and offer up to 2,000 pounds storage capacity. You can store cables, chains, wires, and ropes on these reel racks.

Our reel rack axle brackets attach to your existing pallet racks to give you even more storage options for the tools of your trade.  We also offer adjustable reel brackets for industrial sized applications.

Additionally, if you need a more customized spool storage solution, you can purchase our A-Frames Uprights directly and customize it with pallet racking components as needed. That way you can create a solution for your business that will offer the maximum amount of storage within a minimal amount of space.

Organizational Tips for Electrical Contractor Vans

An electrician’s van works as a mobile office. You want it to be equipped with everything you need on a job site. Items must be organized for peak efficiency so that you don’t waste valuable time digging through bins or searching through gear to get what you need.

Electrical Storage | Electrician Van | Speedrack West

Here are some tips for organizing your electrical contractor’s van:

  • Store large, heavy items on the floor. Not only will they present less of a falling hazard when you are driving, but you will also save your back without the extra lifting.
  • Utilize door space. Secure bins and small shelves onto your van doors to maximize storage potential. Doors are an excellent location for frequently used items—such as measuring tape, hand tools, note pads, and more.
  • Create an aisle. If you pack things too tightly, you will waste time and energy trying to get to them. Be sure to allow enough room to open drawers and access items on shelves in your van. 
  • Label bins and drawers. You may know that the yellow bin has fuses, but will your employees? A well-organized van includes clear labels to avoid confusion.
  • Keep things clean. Include cleaning wipes that you can use to wipe down surfaces as needed inside your van. A small trash can is also a good idea. 
  • Add lighting. Make sure you can see the inventory in your van by installing lighting. Options include small, battery-operated lights or task lighting that plugs into a 12-volt plug in the back of your van.

Talk With An Electrical Storage Expert

You know the electrical contracting business, and we know the storage business. Let’s work together to create a customized storage system for your office and mobile workplaces. We offer CAD storage designs and free consultation. Give the storage experts at Speedrack West a call today.

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