Storage Solutions for Auto Shops, Auto Parts Stores, and Tire Stores

Organization is a key component of any successful business, but a disorganized automotive shop could be costing you money.  At Speedrack West, we have automotive parts storage solutions for maximizing efficiency and minimizing clutter.

While your techs search for the right parts or materials to complete a job, customers are kept waiting—and some of them may drive away in frustration. The good news is that there are storage solutions that will boost your productivity, help you maintain inventory, and keep both your staff and your customers satisfied.

Special Considerations for Auto Shops, Auto Parts, and Tire Storage

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Auto shops store everything from small bolts and belts to large bulky items like tires and bumpers. The proper storage solution is necessary to keep these items accessible and in premium condition.

The right storage system helps your team locate what they need when they need it. It also helps your shop look tidy and professional for customers, visitors, and employees.

However, if you devote too much space to storage, you lose valuable workspace. How can you design an area that is both highly functional and productive? Let’s look at some solutions.

Automotive Parts Storage Solutions

Pallet Racking

You can optimize the vertical space in your shop with pallet racking.

A selective pallet rack system allows you the freedom to design an automotive parts storage system that works for your shop. As vehicle parts and part numbers are constantly changing, this kind of organization system can adapt and change along with your business.

We recommend the use of wire mesh decking for your racks. This type of decking can hold up to 2,500 pounds of uniformly distributed weight. What about all those small parts that might slip through the wire mesh? You can store them in plastic storage bins.

The experts at Speedrack West can help you select the best racks for your shop, and we’ll even go one step further. We’ll create a CAD warehouse design to help you determine the storage options that allow for optimal efficiency.

Tire Racks

When a customer comes into your shop for new tires, they don’t want to hear that the kind they need is out of stock. Rather than waiting, they’ll simply head over to your competitors.

Therefore, you want to keep as many popular sellers in stock as you can. How do you find the space for all those tires? The right storage system allows you to maximize your space.

Speedrack West can help you design a tire rack system that allows you to take advantage of wasted space in your shop. For example, overhead lifts are perfect for large bulky products—like tires. You can store them up and out of the way. Yet, you can bring them down to the floor with only a push of a button. 

After your customer makes a selection, the other tires can go back up for continued safe and secure storage. These overhead lift systems help keep your employees safe by reducing the need to climb ladders to find and get inventory. They also help you keep more of your valuable workspace open.

Another option for tire storage is a freestanding mezzanine platform. The design experts at Speedrack West can help you create a customized mezzanine platform that suits the needs of your auto shop. Since this platform is not attached to the building, you can move it where you need it, and you can even customize it for office space if you wish.

Wire Reel Racks

Wire Reel Rack | Cable Reel Rack | Spool Rack | Speedrack West

The most challenging aspect of auto shop storage is the many shapes, weights, and sizes of the parts you must store. A customized storage system allows you to organize a wide range of products.

Here’s a great example. Rack axle brackets allow you to add convenient storage options to your existing pallet racks. These brackets attach easily to standard rack uprights to hold electrical cables, belts, chains, wire, rope, and more.

The heavy-duty brackets can hold up to 2,000 pounds per pair! And we can provide custom paint colors to match the existing color scheme in your shop.

To find the right wire reel rack for your shop, talk to one of our experts today.

Warehouse Shelving Systems | Speedrack West

Boltless Shelving for Smaller Items

Boltless shelving units are an ideal storage option for your auto shop. Our 96″ tall bulk shelving units hold up to 350 pounds per shelf. Depending on the items you want to store, you can completely customize the size and number of shelf levels to suit whatever your storage needs may be.

We know that you will find these sturdy, versatile shelving units to be a welcome addition to your shop. Additionally, you can add caster wheels to these units for a totally mobile storage solution. Pick and choose the components for your customized shelving system today!

Talk to an Expert at Speedrack West

It can be daunting to consider all the options available for organizing your automotive shop. Additionally, there are the all-important safety considerations and permit applications that must be filed. All these steps can take time away from what you do best—managing your shop.

Allow us to help take the guesswork out of your search for an automotive parts storage solution. We have the knowledge and experience to plan and design the most efficient racking system to meet the needs of your shop. Please contact the storage experts at Speedrack West today for your free consultation.

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