Vertical Grow Systems for Indoor Farming

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If you want to maximize your growing space in your current warehouse, we’ve got the answer. Grow up, not out. By using racking as garden shelving, you can double or even triple your yields without increasing your costs. And, what’s more, mobile and vertical grow rack systems give you the flexibility to design your indoor greenhouse operation as efficiently as possible.

The Benefits of Vertical Racking for Indoor Farming and Growing

Here are five benefits of using vertical grow rack systems and shelving for indoor farming.

  1. You can grow more plants in less space. With vertical racking systems, you can optimize your existing square footage by growing higher into previously unused space. In most cases, you can more than double your canopy space. That means more profits.
  2. You can reduce your water bill. When you add space horizontally, your water bill can go up dramatically. Not so with vertical systems. Vertical racking is compatible with most watering methods, including ebb and flow, and it allows you to recycle water.
  3. You can lower the impact of pests. Unlike wooden shelves, powder-coated steel racks do not attract insects and other pests. Metal racking also helps reduce the occurrence of plant diseases. 
  4. You can decrease your labor costs. With mobile racking, you’ll have easy access to your plants. By turning and moving the racks, you’ll be able to water, tend, and harvest plants safely and efficiently. You’ll save time and money.
  5. You’ll lose wasted aisle space. Fixed racks create permanent aisles that often are merely wasted space. With mobile racking systems, you can use all available space for growing plants. You may be able to increase your canopy by 160% or more!

What You Need for Your Vertical Grow Rack System

vertical grow rack | Speedrack West

From the racks to their tracks, we’ll work with you to design and construct a mobile racking system that helps streamline your operation. Here are a few products we feature for vertical farming racks.

Vertical Grow Garden Rack — This rack system features heavy-duty powder-coated steel that can be easily reconfigured and expanded to expand along with your business. A fully assembled, single bay of this system measures 8.5′ wide x 3.5′ deep x 8′ high. Many customers choose a three-level garden rack system for cloning. They also select a two-level garden rack kit for later stages.

Grow Light Shelving — Grow Light Shelving units, which are perfect for smaller plants in the cloning and vegetative stages, allow you to hang your own grow lights under each shelf. Four all powder-coated steel shelves provide three grow levels, and you can add optional wheels for mobility.

Wire Mesh Partition Cages for Grow Businesses — This wire mesh cage, which features four sides and a hinged door, allows you to protect inventory, equipment, or paperwork from possible theft. Various sizes are available.

Our vertical growing professionals can help you with design features, such as modular offices and mezzanine work platforms, that will help you manage your warehouse more effectively and efficiently. 

We also can help you navigate the permit process for your indoor plant racking. Whether you’re just getting started in vertical farming or want to upgrade your current operations, we’re ready to help.

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